Balika Vadhu : Anandi to meet Nimboli in the next show or lose her again ?

Balika Vadhu is an Indian Television Serial which telecasts on Colors TV, in this episode of Balika Vadhu many never ending questions raised whether Anandi to meet Nimboli in the next show or lose her again ?

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This episode of Balika Vadhu starts with many twists and turns initially Jagya’s son Mannu was feeling guilty of whatever has happened with her girlfriend and wrote her an email for apologies. Later when he was going to the school he spotted his wife and girlfriend coming from the opposite side. Pooja still thinks that his stupidity has led everything destroyed in her life.

On the other scene in Balika Vadhu Dadisa makes Anandi believes to have some faith in the God, but Anandi questions the god what was the mistake of her just-born daughter who got kidnapped again and again away from the womb her mother.

Nimboli brings tamarind for Dasi’s brother and the family in the belief that they will also like to have it, But instead of taking it, they rejected and tells her to go away from here. Later Kakusa took the tamarind and eat with so much happiness. By seeing so, Nimboli goes emotional and tells that she use to eat with Kundan, Urmila and how she make fun with Urmila, Pushkar and Kamli. When Nimboli was just about to expose the truth of Akhiraj, Disa comes and stops her.

Balika Vadhu

Disa calls home in a hope that Kamli will pick up the call. Pushkar picks up the call in a hope that it would be Kamli on another side. Harki comes silently from back and took the phone from Pushkar and mimic in the voice of Kamli. Disa innocently tells her the whole truth and also tells that they are staying in Sarora village. Harki threatens not to tell anything to Kamli, but when Kamli came home again with sweets and being asked why Pushkar is not having sweets, Pushkar tells her the whole story. Kamli calls back on that number and later came to know that the call was made from Sarora Village from a PCO booth.

Nimboli is missing her teacher, Anandi on being refused by Disa’s brother to study with Rupa. Nimboli wonders what will be of that promise to study hard when we will meet again. Disa gets angry of this and tells her to forget her. Nimboli is much confident and tells they will meet for sure.

Anandi in Balika Vadhu

Chagani who also belongs to the same village got shocked to listen to the name of that village, Chagani assures her that she will inform her acquaintance before Harki could make any harm to Disa and Nimboli. Chagani says Disa told her about her Kakusa and her brother may know his address. Kamli asks her to inform her brother to warn Disa.

Harki comes to the police station to inform Akhiraj about Mangla’s presence. Harki told him that she was hiding in her native village which is Sarora Village. Akhiraj tells Harki to go Sarora village with goons and kidnap Disa and Nimboli from there so that Anandi will get him free in exchange of her daughter.

Anandi distributed the photos of Disa and Nimboli to the media persons, to get them published in a hope to reach everyone in the country. Jagya called her informing that Kundan is arrested in Bal Sudhar (Juvenile). Anandi tells that she will like to meet him

Precap of Balika Vadhu upcoming episode :

Anandi keeps asking Jagya about the reason god is punishing Nandini over her deeds. Jagya receives the call from police headquarters informing that Nandini is in Sarora Village. They left for the village.

Anandi sees Nandini and Disa hiding before a truck and started running towards her daughter.

The next episode of Balika Vadhu which is going to telecast on Monday is much excited because it will come with the answer of one question. Anandi to meet Nimboli in the next show or lose her again?

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  1. This producer of this balika vadhu show unnecessary lengthening the show this is annoying not interesting as they just want to increase episodes that’s all what is interesting in this? They really don’t have story so continuing like this disgusting

  2. Balika vadhu serial is really boring. Anandi as a mother is not doing any efforts to make sure that her daughter should study. Rather she tries to give her jevellery and bangles. Really, a stupid mom who does not care about her daughter at all.

  3. This is very boring show anandi is stupid becoz she can’t doubt of mangla. Anandi can’t handle their children also not any storyline so must off air this show

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