Balika Vadhu: Will Anandi meet her daughter Nimboli in the next episode ?


Balika Vadhu 9th October 2015 Friday Episode: In today’s episode of BV, Anandi searches for her daughter and finally found it, but would she get her back? Kundan was in jail for a period of 15 days

Balika Vadhu 9 Oct Episode

Balika Vadhu Latest Episode

Anandi to meet her daughter- Kundan, Anandi and Harki was at the Court. Prosecution lawyer tells the Judge that Kundan has tried to molest and rape her minor wife. Kundan’s father have wrongly motivated the investigation towards the teacher, Kishore and make him charged. Harki denied of the facts, meanwhile constable gives his statement that he is eye-witness that Kundan has accepted his crime outside Juvenile home and it was not the first incidence when Kundan have tried to physically molest Nimboli. Kundan starts shivering and said all the statements are false, Judge advised him to accept the crime as he will get better treatment if he accepts it. Kundan denied, Judge found Kundan guilty and punishes him with a fine of 15000 rs and 15 year Juvenile custody.

Disa and Nimboli – Balika Vadhu 9th October 2015

[Recap: Balika Vadhu Episode]

Nimboli got some new clothes from Geeta to wore on Navratri day, Geeta said Nimboli is like her daughter. Then Nimboli started asking for the toys also, Geeta smiled and told that she will give her very soon. Geeta goes away, Disa found a good chance to spread hatred in Nimboli mind and say that her mother doesn’t care for her, Disa starts blaming that her mother doesn’t loves her and she hates her very much. Disa took promise from Nimboli that when her real mother will come she will not go with her. Nimboli says  will hit her from stones. Disa hugs her with love and started provoking Anandi with the words like ‘Chudail’ who kept her daughter away.Nimboli agrees and says that she will never ever leave her.

Harki comes to the police station and told Akhiraj about the proceedings of the court and said that we can wait for 15 days, but its impossible to collect 15000 in that time. Akhiraj suggests her to ask his friends for a loan. Harki said that no one is ready to give us a loan as you are in jail. Akhiraj gives her other option to ask Kamlu as it wouldn’t be better to sell ornaments of a married woman. Harki walks away.

Balika Vadhu 9th October 2015

Husband of Geeta comes with some brand new clothes for Nimboli and Disa, Nimboli goes excited to see them. While Disa says that she can’t accept that as she is a widow and she is not allowed to wear all this. Nimboli tells them not to worry as she will took all the ornaments and dresses with her. Geeta asks Disa to collect the clothes on her behalf, Geeta’s husband started looking Disa with wrong intentions.

Harki bring tiffin and laddu for her to ask her money to get Kundan free from jail. Kamli identifies that something is wrong and asks her to come to the point. Harki says sorry to her and started demanding her 15000 rs to get Kundan free from the Jail. Harki started emotional blackmail and begging her. Kamli denied and said that it would be good if Kundan stays in jail. Harki left stunned.

Disa was preparing something in the kitchen and tried to gather the bottle on table, Geeta husband who was sitting there started smiling, he took the bottle and offers his help to Disa. He asks Disa to wear the clothes he has bought for her, Suddenly Geeta enters and he said that he is waiting for breakfast. Geeta says that she prepares very good food.

Precap of Balika Vadhu :

Anandi spotted Nimboli dancing with girls at a Navratri function in the same temple, Disa comes in between when Anandi was running towards her.

Anandi gives her a tight slap and Nimboli says  ‘Chukke Chudail’ and runs to hug her. Disa left stunned.

Will Anandi meet her daughter Nimboli in the next episode or she will lose her again. The secret will be revealed in Monday Episode. Earlier in the 2000th Episode of Balika Vadhu it was expected that they will meet, but it ain’t happen.

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