Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 18th September 2015: Tiwari Practices Kung Fu

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 18th September 2015: The episode begins with , anita says mom u never told me my granny is Chinese, n u know whenever I see a Chinese person I fall in love with them n now I know the reason n at times I feel like vibhu must be Chinese too n I love Chinese so much, I love Chinese food too n I am so happy to know I am half Chinese, I am so happy mom. Tiwari says wow bhabhiji like Chinese men n now see how I find place in bhabhijis heart.

Tiwari praises anguri for her cooking n says u cook worlds best food, anguri says oh u will make me emotional, tiwari says I have n idea lets start a cooking business, anguri says I had started with vibhutiji but u didn’t like, tiwari says this time u will do business with me n that to Chinese food, anguri says but I cant make Chinese food, tiwari says I will get u cooking book, tiwari says to himself n now I shall make place in bhabhijis heart.

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 18th September 2015

Anita sees a Chinese man walking into tiwaris house, tiwari opens the door, the Chinese man is his employee, he asks tiwariji why did u ask me to be Chinese, tiwari says u will get one years payment at a time so be quite, they both act as if talking in Chinese, his employ ask tell me reason first, tiwari says I am gonna start Chinese food business so I want everyone to know that I am from Chinese n so they will rush to my food, employ u are such a fraud, tiwari says just do my work, take payment n leave, employ says I will take two months extra payment or else I will tell everyone u are fraud, tiwari says leave we will see that later.

Tiwari waves to anita, anita says hello n leaves, tiwari says I guess she fell in my trap, anguri calls amaji, amaji asks why sounding low, anguri says Chinese is troubling me, amaji says tell Chinese that my amiji knows kung fu, anguri says I am talking abt Chinese dish can u cook Chinese, vibhuti comes n waves her, anguri says I am so confused, amaji says then don’t cook Chinese, anguri says ladu ke bhaiya wants me to he is gona do Chinese food business, amaji says ask him to cook then, anguri says how can I break his heart, amaji know yes dear I know that don’t worry I will take tips from a Chinese restaurant near by n then call u.

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 18th September 2015

Vibhuti says bhabhiji why is tiwariji gonna do Chinese business, u are an Indian women how can u cook Chinese, anguri says I will try for ladu ke bhaiya, and if I don’t he will not trust me n if this happen I will leave Kanpur n go,vibhuti says plz bhabhiji I can never bear this pain, it’s a love for u by me, anguri asks what, vibhuti says I will help u in this see I will get food from Chinese restaurant n u tell tiwariji u made it, anguri says but this is wrong I will not lie, vibhuti says for sake of tiwariji , anguri says why did u do this, vibhuti says see till I get food from restaurant u keep trying to cook n when u will learn I will stop getting food from restaurant.

Anita on phone sees tiwari n stops him, anita says I saw a Chinese guy visited u, tiwari says he was hand shang shang lee, anita says is he related to u, tiwari says bhabhiji actually I am related to Chinese, anita says what really, tiwari says it’s a secret plz let it be, anita says plz tell me n I even saw u speaking Chinese, tiwari says he is my relative oh god I am revealing all secrets bye n leaves.

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 18th September 2015

Anguri waiting for Chinese, vibhuti gets Chinese food, anguri says thanku so much I am so grateful, vibhuti says u trusted me that’s what matters, anguri says thanku thanku, and can u speak Chinese, vibhuti says yes I can, it’s a simple language, anguri says how will I talk to ladu ke bhaiya in Chinese, vibhuti says u can call him cheap by, anguri says vibhutiji dare u, vibhuti says I am sorry n leaves.

Tiwari goes home n says now next step will be Chinese food, anguri where is chienes, anguri says yes it is, tiwari says I love u, anguri speaks in Chinese, tiwari gets confused n asks what is this,anguri says I am learning Chinese, tiwari say stalk in hindi n is Chinese ready, anguri says yes it is,everything is ready, I wanted to ask how will u sell food, tiwari says leave that to me, I have made arrangements. Tiwari dresses into Chinese outfit.

Precap: tiwari practicing kung fu in balcony, aanita n vibhuti watch him. Tiwari n anguri go to anita to give Chinese, anita asks costing, tiwari says its 300 per plate but for u 200,vibhuti says what rubbish I got 50 per plate.

Bhabhiji Ghar Pe Hai 18th September 2015 episode ends.

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