Reporters 18th September 2015: Ananya Arranges Money

Reporters 18th September 2015: It is an Indian fiction newsroom drama television series which airs on Sony Entertainment TV. It features Rajeev Khandelwal as Kabir and Kritika Kamra as Ananya, both as the TV reporters on the show.

The starting of this episode featured Ananya and Tinnu busy in conversation over the phone in which she said that she is giving her best to arrange the money. Tinnu reminded her that it will be better if she arranges the money else the informer will walk out.

After that, she called Armaan to know about the arrangements. He replied that he has got only 2L as of now from the bank whereas Anita has proceeded to the pawnbroker to mortgage her jewellery.

Reporters 18th September 2015

In another scene, Kabir and Ronnie are seen having a conversation in which Ronnie gets shocked after knowing that the person from the office only. Then, Kabir said that it can be Shreya or Manav or maybe both of them. Ronnie was convinced to the name of Manav. Then, he tried to investigate him in the PCR. Kabir proposed Ronnie to be a part of his plan in order to expose both – Manav and Shreya.

Anita let Ananya know that she has managed to get 1.5L only whereas Ananya told her that she managed to collect 3.5L only. Anita got worried and Ananya convinced her not to worry and altogether, they will figure out something.

While Kabir and Ronnie were entering the office, they saw Ananya leaving the office. Khalid called Kabir to his cabin. Shreya and Kabir met with the new sponsor. At first, Kabir was not interested at all but later on, Khalid managed to convince him otherwise.

Manav asked Ronnie if she has got Kabir’s approval on this project. Then, Ronnie went to see Kabir and they both agreed to work as per the plan.

All of a sudden Kabir screamed at Ronnie as he sent some emails to Ananya, which has troubled her due to the jealousy for her. Then, Manav arrived and took Ronnie to a side and instigated him.

In the next scene, Ananya and Tinnu were seen meeting with the informer but he refused to tell for anything below 5L.

Ananya arrived back to the office and let Richa know that she now knows the reality of Kabir. After that, she googled someone with name Rajesh/Rakesh.

Then, he is shown walking inside KKN. Ronnie and Richa asked Ananya about this person’s identity to which she replied that he is the murderer of his father.

Then, Kabir remembered the same person who threatened Monu to drop the SK case. Shreya trapped Kabir with this plan.

Then, Kabir was shown only staring at Shreya and smirking.

Ananya wasn’t able to understand what Shreya is with her dad’s murderer. Then, Shreya introduced RJ as the new sponsor for Kabir’s 9 pm show. She also revealed that RJ and Kabir are going to achieve new heights.

Ananya shocked.

Reporters 18th September 2015 episode ends.

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