Big Brother 18 Episode 4 Review: BB18 S18E4

Big Brother 18 Episode 4 Review
Big Brother 18 Episode 4 Review

Big Brother 18 Episode 4 Review: The third episode of “Big Brother 18” went without any big shocking event and the night was mostly peaceful. In spite of this, the show is moving quite interestingly. We’d like to watch what could eventually lead to dissolving the 8 Pack. (check: General Hospital Spoilers.)

Right now, the major issue with the various alliances in the show is that many people from the lot chicken out and want to ditch each other. Unlike the previous seasons, all this is happening in this season quite early than what was expected. Tiffany is already miffed with Da’Vonne due to Day’s information.

Big Brother 18 Episode 4 Review

All this drama could turn around things a bit in episode 4 that is set to air on June 30. Things are already a bit twisted since the last episode after Tiffany got emotional. There are also many rumors about holding an endurance competition to decide the next HOH. The second eviction of this season is set to take place “live” on June 30. (watch: Rustom trailer.)

Tiffany Rousso is former houseguest Vanessa Rousso’s sister. Wanting to keep this fact secret, Tiffany spoke many lies which eventually caught up to her. At the same time, another member of the House has come out clean about his brother being a previous houseguest. (check: MH BEd CET Results 2016.)

This has led to a lot of suspicion being raised among the members. Tiffany is since trying to convince everyone that Vanessa is not her sister, and this is giving her a tough time. (check: DHSE Kerala Plus One Result 2016.)

Big Brother 18 Episode 4 Review

There is also a lot of turmoil in other parts of the house too, Tiffany being the center of all that. Many of the new houseguests want to work with her. She already has had emotional breakdowns with many houseguests, but it is yet to be known if all this is a sham or she is really under a lot of pressure. (check: Delhi University First Cut Off List 2016.)

We would probably know about the dynamics of Nicole’s relationship with Corey. Nicole continuously denied the existence of any such thing while Paulie is having his share of fun with Zakiyah. Jozea is happy in his own world but doesn’t know that most of the house is conspiring against him. Due to this, he could end up being the one being evicted on June 30. (check: SSC NR Interview Results 2016.)

There is a very fair chance of an endurance event being held and the eviction is going to be live. We also don’t know how much of the live feed would make it to the screen.

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