General Hospital 30th June 2016 Thursday Episode Spoilers and Official Synopsis

general hospital spoilers, gh spoilers, spoilers of general hospital
general hospital spoilers, gh spoilers, spoilers of general hospital

General Hospital June 30 Spoilers: ABC Network recently released the official synopsis for the “General Hospital” episode that is going to air on June 30. It seems that the episode would be pretty intense and drama-filled. Nina and Franco would have an argument about the downfall of their relationship. (chek: Big Brother 18 Episode 4.)

Also, Dillon and Morgan have prompted Kiki to get involved in their tense situation. We’ll also get to see Hayden promising to help Finn. The latest episode is set to air on the afternoon of 30th June 2016, at 1 pm central time on NBC. Major events that are set to take place are Kiki’s intervention in Morgan and Dillon’s fight and Franco and Nina’s fight over their relationship.

General Hospital June 30 Spoilers

Apart from these, we’d also get to know if Alexis Davis is actually pregnant or she’s just bluffing to trap her husband into a confession. (check: Maharashtra BEd CET 2016 Results.)

Until now, she’s made a few comments about her stomach sickness, but that could only be a con as she would go to any lengths to manipulate Julian into confessing and turning himself in for Carlos’s murder. Many situations could arise due to Alexis’ situation. They are discussed as follows:

  1. She is really pregnant

Julian and Alexis have indeed be involved with each other for quite some time, so Alexis turning out pregnant is not an impossibility. Also, the pregnancy thing seems to be overused in the plot. Julian just had a baby and Alexis having another one of Julian’s kids seems unlikely, but no one can say anything for sure.

  1. She is bluffing

Alexis thinks she has to do everything in her power to entrap Julian. Since recording his confessions didn’t give any result, she thinks she can control Julian by working up to his heart and ending up with Julian confessing and getting locked up for Carlos’ murder because she’s pregnant. This may happen.

General Hospital June 30 Spoilers
  1. She thinks she is pregnant, but she is only sick

Maybe, I say perhaps; she thinks she is pregnant but it only her sickness. Maybe her cancer is coming back. It is plausible since nausea and vomiting are symptoms of lung cancer. But if this happens, would Julian still help her?

  1. She is having menopause issues

This occurred in 2011. And this is the main reason her pregnancy seem impossible. So, it could be possible that she is just having some menopause-related sickness issues. Also, she drinks so much wine. Maybe that led to her condition.

Guess we’ll only know that in the General Hospital show.

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