Watch: ‘Bigg Boss 10’ 15th November 2016 Episode Updates: Manveer Gurjar physically attacked celebrity Rohan Mehra

Bigg Boss 10 15th November 2016 Episode Updates:
Bigg Boss 10 15th November 2016 Episode Updates:

Bigg Boss 10 15th November 2016 Episode Updates: Bigg Boss 10 had reached one of the ugliest fight in the big boss history. Getting the locals with celebrities could lend big problems for producers of India’s favorite TV reality show. According to the reports, Manveer Gurjar physically attacked celebrity Rohan Mehra.

Bigg Boss 10 15th November 2016 Episode

This had resulted only dissatisfaction and anger of Salman Khan, Salman was angry as the people out there in the house are not following instructions properly. The first accused of this season included Rahul Dev, Rohan Mehra and Karan Mehra. All three of them spotted skipping activities.

The activities are necessary to maintain the goodwill of the show. As all three celebrities are trying to find easy way around, they may face serious consequences. Salman was spotted in anger. They were termed as sluggish and tedious on the social media. Rohan and Karan failed the expectations of their fans.

There was sense of dissatisfaction among the audience and producers as well. Colors TV invest serious money for each episode of Bigg Boss 10 and this behaviour could lead them big setback. Salman Khan was literally pissed off on the show by their behaviour and decided to show audience clip of all three of them being lazy all the time.

Bigg Boss 10 15th November 2016 Episode Updates:

Rohan Mehra has a big fame of taking  Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai to the top charts. Bigg Boss 10 also had some serious work with him but the behaviour of superstar was utterly non responsive during the shows. Salman criticism hits hard to Karan and Rohan who are quite popular in India.

When all this was happening, things goes around and some utterly non expected turns came into the story. Rohan Mehra was spotted going in physical violence with one of the most bully candidate in the house. The action bought by Rohan Mehra and Manveer Gurjar in the today’s show goes crazy.

Recently in the earlier episodes of Bigg Boss 10, Manveer had earlier abused Rohan non stop for five minutes. The video of Abuse goes viral on the social media and received great response.

We all know that in earlier episodes of Bigg Boss 10, a new task has been issued named ‘Lockdown Luxury Budget’ in that task everyone needs to lockdown the luxuries. Candidates are needed to survive only on some set of clothes, food and shelter. All the contestants will be needed to survive against the odd conditions.

This was the first time when such a task restricting the basic necessities was introduced in Big Boss and fights are definite to happen. Mona Lisa being the inspector of one team, was inspecting all the candidates. As it was night, Karan Mehra decided to cheat and took a pillow.

He was sleeping on the pillow which is against the rules of Bigg Boss 10. The same resulted misfortune as Karan had breached rules of the house. Finding this as a chance to win back the luxuries sooner, Mona Lisa went to the opposition team and directs them about it. She approached for adding back points for this behaviour.

Since Mona Lisa approached to add points for this on her scoreboard, other team goes furious. In the earlier episodes of Bigg Boss 10 we have seen how Karan had acted mature while talking to the other teams. This time leader was young and furious Rohan Mehra who ignited the war with a befitting reply.

Manveer Gujar didn’t like behaviour of other team’s captain with his team member. Manveer went furious and once again started a war of words with Rohan Mehra.

The war between Manveer and Rohan went ugly when they started abusing each other communities in between. Both literally started blaming each other with no good reason. The verbal fight didn’t ends up in a way it should be. The fight between the members keeps on going furious.

To end up this, Manveer decided to use physical violence against his fellow teammate which had shocked every fan. Later Bigg Boss summoned them inside the room in order to put an end to their fight. But that also resulted no good for either of them as both keeps on pushing each other.