Android Smartphone Manufacturer Blu is secretly leaking your text messages and private coversations to China: Reports

Blu Smartphone

Blu is secretly leaking your text messages and private messages to China: Reports have seen advocating that smartphone manufacturer Blu has been spotted sending private data of users to Chinese servers. China is often accused of stealing information from United States but this time the allegations are dead serious. Blu is well known company providing cheap and affordable smartphones with latest technology. The hardware quality is quite decent in comparison to other manufacturers.

US-based security Kryptowire has found that firmware in the Blu phones is actually leaking the data. Data like user’s text messages, call history and contact lists and and the important device information along with your location sent to a server in Shanghai, China without taking any permission from the user.

Various compliance laws makes it important for the Smartphone companies to stay loyal with their customers. Various cases judged makes it compulsory for Smartphone manufacturers to save any information available only on the consent of the user.

The dangerous part of the story is, Blu smartphones can access important data in your smartphone. Along with that, they are also allowed to install any third party application remotely to your device. Generally, this type of bugs used to hack social media accounts and emails.

According to reports, the company had used a third party named ‘Shanghai Adups Technology’ to send OTA Updates to the smartphone recently. Because of the OTA updates, a bug also got installed in user’s devices. Its being claimed that Shanghai Adups Technology is also serving some esteemed brands like ZTE and Huawei in the past.

Adups Technology uses a bunch of advance tools to collect information and data from user’s Phone before updating the mobile to make sure no problem happens and sends it back to its servers for the customer support to identify the messages and calls. If believed the company, its done for customer experience but that doesn’t seems to be working here. Adups Technology has developed this custom software for every separate Chinese device manufacturer.

On an unexpected argument, Blu stated that they were never aware about all this. Kryptowire had reported the thing first which has been subsequently admitted by the company. According to reports, around 1,20,000 handsets are affected by the virus found in the mobile devices. Adups had assured that all the recorded data will be destroyed and a new update will be rolled out on the same.

Blu had lost a significant market share with this. The major gain could be seen in the hands of Chinese leading manufacturer Mi with the same. It shall be interesting to see the market reports a month later from the today’s date. Blu had introduced new Blu Studio XL 2 smartphone with a 6-inch display in the market which caught quite decent attention but things doesn’t seems to be going in the likely way now.

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