Bigg Boss 10, 18th November 2016 Day 33 Episode: Karan Mehra and other housemates sing the birthday song for his wife Nisha Rawal

Bigg Boss 10 18th November 2016 Day 33 Episode Watch Online Live Streaming Voot
Bigg Boss 10 18th November 2016 Day 33 Episode Watch Online Live Streaming Voot

Bigg Boss 10 18th November 2016: A new day with a new captain. The Bigg Boss 10 day 33 started with a morning song Ek Ho Gaye Hum Aur Tum. It was an attempt made to unite the contestants. Lokesh Kumari Sharma became the first person to revolt today.

Rohan Mehra asked LKS to help others to make breakfast, but she argued. She told him that he is her favorite, but she didn’t like to be mistreated. On the other hand, outgoing captain Bani J taught the newly appointed captain, Rohan Mehra how to deal with the housemates and allocated the household chorus.

Big Boss gave more power to the new captain Rohan and asked him to name two contestants to jail them. Rohan picked Manu Punjabi and Manveer Gurjar instantly. He decided to punish them but didn’t give any reasons for picking specifically two of them. Both of them asked the reasons, but he didn’t reveal.

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This resulted in both of them denying to accept the punishment. Other housemates also supported them as they weren’t convinced because Rohan lacked explanation. Lopamudra tried to make Rohan tell the reason but got scolded in return. Then, Lopa said that he has started behaving like a dictator instead of a captain.

After it, Manveer decided not to follow his the punishment granted. Then, Rohan asked him to do the daily chores. But, Manveer even didn’t do that and said “Mera Mann Nahi Hai, ” and this statement left Rohan stunned.


Relief came in the afternoon. BiggBoss asked the captain to play nice and fair and at the same time asked contestants to follow the orders. BB also reminded inmates that if they don’t follow the captain’s orders, it could lead them to serious trouble. Manu and Manveer got ashamed of breaking major rules.

They were sent to jail while Gaurav was appointed as the jailer. After a while, Rohan asked Lokesh to do her work, but she responded as if she didn’t understand the work. Rohan decided to punish her, but her antics annoyed her. Thus, he gave her a piece of his mind.

In the evening, the ladies of the house were given the work of ranking men in the house on a scale of 1-4 based on their looks and physique. Big Boss named this task as the Man of the Series Match. Gaurav and Rohan ended up being the top 2.

Thus, both of them were made the competitors of the next task. In the task, both were tied to each other and were needed to gather as many medallions as they can to win. Lopa was appointed as the judge for it. Rohan won the task.

Later on, Bigg Boss declared the end of jail term for Manu and Manveer. At the end of the episode, Karan and other housemates sang a birthday song for Karan’s wife, Nisha Rawal.

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