India finally got its Taher Shah in KM Birla’s daughter ? Who is Ananya Birla and her YouTube Story

who is ananya birla

Who is Ananya Birla: Ananya Birla is now 23 year old and finally decided to turn her entrepreneurial journey into a ‘popstar’, according to some PR reports. No doubt she is an outstanding entrepreneur, but music is not cup of tea for everyone, and this has been seen in response to her video by viewers.

Many people claim her company Svatantra Microfinance is one of the most elite microfinance option available for women in India. The company ease out the process specially for people who want to set up Small Scale Industries.

Why Ananya Birla is trending on YouTube.

Usually it took more than 2 years for a new superstar on YouTube to get his/her VEVO channel. But getting a VEVO channel for launch is definitely talk for millionaires.

She must had invested quite decent amount of money on advertisements to reach this position on YouTube.

According to the information available on Aditya Birla group it’s claimed that Ananya Birla, daughter of Aditya Birla Group Chairman Kumar Mangalam Birla and philanthropist Neerja Birla decided to ignore the weight of her surname and followed her heart by starting her own microfinance company called Svatantra Microfinance .

According to the description in the video, The Video was shot on the beautiful Santa Catalina Island, California and is directed by International director Rock Jacobs.

Her video received more than 3 million views on the web based video service site, YouTube, The song had been downloaded for several times on iTunes and Apple store too. Here are some comments by the audience

  1. I just know that she is the student of TAHER SHAH –  Somnath Sharma
  2. If u have the resources to make songs and promote internationally then instead of copying western ppl and acting like them u should promote our Indian music. –  Karan Chhabria
  3. This song just makes it worse for people from other countries to ever believe that good english/indie pop music can come out of India. Damn you and your dad’s money – Vigneshkumar Venkatraman
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  5. Money And Talent Are Totally Different Thing So As This Music Video And Music Industry … Computer Nobs Can’t Make People Love Anything
  6. Even robots would act better than her. Its obvious you have the money use it hire some good actors. Voice you can auto tune , no one can understand that but this shit nobody can auto tune. – Mrimo Sorcar

But Wait, here are some positive dialogues too on  Ananya Birla’s new video

  1. Excellent song Ananya.The video is shot so well and your performance is marvellous. You have made India proud cause as it is we don’t have very many Indian artists in international arena. Your video has raked over a million views ……really exceptional. Would like to see perform live.
  2. Why everyone is jealous of her cause she born as silver spoon
    that’s not her fault and by the way she is handling her father business too very well and she chosen her carrier in music due to her choice
    indian people always likes to do criticism for debutant so bad
  3. Guys stop with your idiotic comments, what she does with her life is not for you to talk, whats wrong if she uses her daddy’s money, did anyone complained when Hrithik Roshan was launched because his dad was director and producer for film kaho na pyaar hai. If she wants to start her career in this industry who are you to stop her.

Now its all up to you, listen a song and decide whether she qualifies to be next Taher Shah ?

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