Bigg Boss 10 22nd November 2016 Tuesday Episode 37: Lopa and Mona flirt with Om Swami in the bathtub

Baba ji romance - Bigg Boss 10 22nd Nov 2016 Episode
Baba ji romance - Bigg Boss 10 22nd Nov 2016 Episode

Bigg Boss 10 22nd Nov. 2016 Episode: In the today’s episode of Big Boss 10. Bani and Gaurav doing romance with each other in the bathtub is quite a digestible thing. The stunt done in the latest episode of BB 10 is just next to irresistible.

Bigg Boss 10 22nd November 2016

When Sunny Leone was in the house, it’s very much uncontrollable for the contestants to hold up the hotness. To ignite the flame of hotness in the BB 10 house, producers have called up Bollywood actress who got significant benefit in her career because of the TV reality show.

Baba Ji romance – Bigg Boss10 Nov. 22, 2016 Episode

First, you will need to watch romance scenes of Bani and Gaurav to understand what was happening in the set. There are tasks designated to every contestant. The participants are required to complete the given task in a set period.

Baba Ji romance – Bigg Boss 10 22nd November 2016 Episode

Lopa and Mona were not fortunate enough about the tasks are given to them. Lopa has handled a task to control the person with whom she with a guy she might not be preferring as a partner in the bigg boss. The repeated fights between Om Swami and other contestants was not a sign of good karma.


To come over the repeated fights in the BB10 house, Sunny Leone arrived this weekend. Being an ex-contestant of the house she was quite aware of the things. Being honest she was really funny in BiggBoss 10 22 Nov. 2016 Episode as compared to other superstars who had earlier visited the house

The scene when she was forced by Baba Ji to dance on the tunes of Basanti was really a masterpiece.

Big Boss 10 Leaked News

The scene when Bani and her co-star goes romantic for the scene shooting was literally awesome. You can read the complete news here.


Since Baba was out of the control. The competition with Sunny Leone she had done a sizzling dance on the stage which can leave anyone mesmerized. The recreation of Gabbar Singh scene from Sholay film was a unique and fantastic idea.

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