[Watch Live] Bigg Boss 10 Leaked Video: Gaurav Chopra And Bani’s Caught Doing Romance In The Bathtub

Bigg Boss 10 Leaked News
Bigg Boss 10 Leaked News

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Leaked Video: The closeness between Gaurav Chopra and VJ Bani is touching new heights in Bigg Boss 10. Its no longer a secret that Bani and Gaurav are getting close in the TV reality show. After the eviction of Karan Mehra, it was very much expected that Bigg Boss 10 house is going to see many upfront changes.

Now the levels had been turned up high when Bani and Gaurav’s secret video leaked in which they were seen getting close to each other. The love is in the air and we are seeing first love story in the house (Apart from Swami ji who almost flirts with everyone). So Bigg Boss 10 is going to be changed from now with this leaked video featuring Gaurav Chopra And Bani together.

Watch Bigg Boss 10 Leaked Video – Bani and Gaurav coming closer to each other


There is no doubt that both the stars are leading their fields. VJ Bani is also known as Gurbani Judge and popular for her bold looks in MTV Roadies which helped her in sparking up the career. You might be able to see Gaurav Chopra And Bani together in the upcoming episode of Bigg Boss 10 and here we are with leaked video of the duo coming close to each other.

Here is what ‘couple’ was discussing about their romantic interaction

Its pretty much surprising for VJ Bani fans because she is expected to be the most fierce girl in the town. Seeing her doing romance with other contestant in Bigg Boss 10 may give some fans a complete shock because she was not usually seen in this way.

Bigg Boss 10 Leaked News

But hold up your excitement because from our trusted sources we came to know that its not the way many media channels are showing. Since there was no love story in the set of BB 10, there were less controversies and less controversial means drop in TRP for BB. Drop in TRP is something which channel producers can’t afford.

The new scene was actually a directed scene and its preplanned as an act for the nomination. Both of them was required to go in the bath tub and give some hot poses in front of the camera. Usually camera didn’t cover all locations in the house but this time we have seen this happening.

The duo was close to each other for the task but definitely the planning to bring some closeness among the contestants. Bani is acting very calm in the show but she is angry Indian Woman from the core of the heart.  She is a star who had given unforgettable nightmares to many contestants in her shows. They are currently not in a relationship and went close to each other just for the sake of task. There is no other implication of the given scene in Bigg Boss 10. On the other hand, it’s also a fact that they both were looking very hot reducing the distances.

Sunny Leone who was also a contestant of the show in 8th season will also come and spend some time with the contestants. The reaction of Swami Omji will be the thing of the hour. The weekend episode with Sunny Leone will be a never miss for the contestants.

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