Bigg Boss 10 4th December 2016 Episode 50: Written Updates, Elimination and Ranveer-Vani dance

Bigg Boss 10 4th November 2016 Episode 50
Bigg Boss 10 4th November 2016 Episode 50

Bigg Boss 10 4th December 2016 Episode 50: Big Boss 10 episode 50 telecasted today and you must be waiting for the preview and written updates.

Bigg Boss 10 4th December 2016

So here we are with Bigg Boss 10 written updates. This time the invitees were Ranveer Singh and Vaani Kapoor to promote their film Befikre on the stage of BB 10. The show kicks off with the kickass performance of Ranveer Singh and Salman Khan dancing with each other. Ranveer got special appraisement from Bollywood’s bhai for his energetic performance.

The duo was lately joined by Vaani Kapoor who was there doing promotion for the same film. She came on the stage dancing on her movie’s songs. Vaani and Ranveer then share some private moments with each other recollecting the family and personal talks. After a while, the time finally arrived when Vaani and Ranveer actual performance in the house are going to be revealed.

Bigg Boss 10 4th November 2016 Episode 50

Ranveer was unstoppable in both the episodes of Kapil Sharma show and Bigg Boss 10 as well. He took the stage as an opportunity to sing the lines from the peppy number. Vaani enters the stage with so much charm that Ranveer declared Swami Om as his favorite contestant in less than few minutes. He even shows all the willingness to start a new TV reality show with the controversial celebrity; this could be a thing Colors TV producers didn’t like.

The show kicks off as Bigg Boss calls Bani J personally in the confession room asking about experiences in the show, as a surprise, this time celeb Ranveer Singh marks his entry from the room itself. Ranveer advises her to keep a smile on the face as she looks beautifully adorable with a smile. The next turn was of Ranveer’s co-actor Vaani Kapoor in the house. As you might had already guessed, she will be given the task to provide the challenges. The challengers will be given some dares, and in the case of nonfulfillment, they will need to pay the penalty. On a surprising note, the show begun with Jason who was given a task to do sexy pole dance to impress Vaani.  The song was ‘Aaj Phir Tum Pe Pyaar Aaya, hopes’ and the dancer was just fantastically awesome.

The next one was Mona Lisa, there is one great thing about her, she will never leave you disappointed in doing anything straight wards. She did a dance performance on ‘Yeh Raat Ruk Jaye’ song seducing Jason. Bani and Priyanka were given the task to kiss Gaurav on the cheek. Ranveer got jealous for him hoped he should be a contestant in Bigg Boss 10. Later they all dance on the songs from Befikre movie. Swami Om was taken away in custody and asked to leave the show temporarily. (Also See: Police took Swami Om ji in Custody)

Salman asked Vaani about her experience. Vaani spotted little biased about Jason (She must have liked him as a true contestant). She reveals how Jason did every effort from core of his heart to give one of the best performance. The second question from celebrities was about their favorite partner, Ranveer started acting like Swami Om and describes he missed the most favorite contestant. Ranveer later shows his intention of doing at least one show with his favorite actor in the show.

The next round in Bigg Boss 10 was all about doing mimicry of bollywood superstars. Ranveer had mimicked Anil Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt and Salman Khan’s best friends Shah Rukh Khan. Vaani was quite obvious in her role and she intimates Priyanka Chopra. The next game introduced by host Salman Khan was about guessing the faces of superstars after seeing the picture on screen. The first one was of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer which was an easy guess. They both shares a lot of jokes with each other promoting the upcoming film, Befikre.

The next was a small chit chat question where Vaani asked about Bani and Priyanka Jagga friendship authenticity. They justified it to be real without any conditions. And the final round was declaring the elimination from Bigg Boss 10 house. Salman announces the Elena Kazan is going to evicted from the house this week. Elena was quite non participating in house activities.

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