Bigg Boss 10 Elimination: Double Eviction This Week, Karan Mehra and Lokesh Kumari lost the plot

Bigg Boss 10 elimination
Bigg Boss 10 elimination

On an interesting note, Bigg Boss 10 is going to witness a double elimination tadka this weekend. On a shocking note, Karan Mehra has got eliminated while Lokesh Kumari Sharma will be evicted on Sunday.

According to initial reports, Actor Karan Mehra has been eliminated from the house. One of the main reason behind this elimination was his inactivity during the recent week. In the task given last week, everyone has to follow some rules of the land.

According to the initial reports, Karan received the highest vote, but BB eliminated him Because of his laziness and less entertainment in the house

Celebrities, as well as locals, are not allowed to use any type of luxury in the house. Karan stays low with the other contestants. Initially, he has a big role in the show when spotted getting the other contestants consoled for many things but slowly and gradually he started sparing himself off from the general activities.

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According to the latest update from Mumbai, Lokesh had been eliminated from the show. This had done to maintain a balance between locals and celebrities. She had been eliminated on the basis of votes.

Initially, Karan, Rahul, Lokesh, and Mona are in the danger zone. The table turns round thereof, and it was expected that Karan would be in the safe zone, but later it was revealed that almost every contestant had voted against him. Being news gatherer of the week, Rohan and Manveer Gujar stays in the safe zone despite having deadly fights this week. It looks Bigg Boss once again focusing on keeping the contestants who help in TRP.

From the initial reports, its suggested that Lokesh Kumari Sharma is safe in Bigg Boss 10. She is not in trouble, but final screening is still left.

Bigg Boss 10

Earlier it was expected that Karan would be the one who is in the safe zone, but it proved opposite later on. When Karan was eliminated almost every other contestant in the house was literally going against him. Being low on the support he lost the battle.

Confirmed: The other name will be decided on the basis of audience poll. As things are not going correctly in favor of Bigg Boss 10 TRP ratings, BB decided to delay the process. 

This week, Naagin series had crossed the trade ratings of Bigg Boss which is obviously a danger news for the show. Bigg Boss 10 is usually considered as the most watched show in India but this time it’s not happening. The good news is for Colors TV whose two shows are up on every scale when it comes to Indian Cinema.

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    • Tu apni tel laga kar rakhna. Karan ke eviction ke baad usse tere ghar bhej denge. Phir jitna marzi utna chance dena.

    • WHat a hell bigg boss bohot bor ho gaya hai sirf or sirf manu manveer mona or lokesh ki wajah se har time camera manu manveer mona ki taraf hota hai baki contestance ki f kuch nahi or fir salman bhai onhe bolte hye ki tum kuch nahi karte arey yr ye lokesh ko ab tak ghar me q rakha ja raha hye ye kuvh nahi hye or mona ko bhi nikalo ye sirf time pass karti hye or kuch nahi or lokesh ko to baat karne ka bhi sense nahi hye what r i m nkt see BB10 until out mona and lokesh

    • Bigg boss is not the same which is a shame mona should be out she,s the worse one giving women a BAD NAME an Lopamudra be ok no a model she has no manners and her language is outrageous…….

  1. Mona Lisa must be eliminated from the house. Lopamudra and Lokesh must be punished adequately for not following the captain’s instruction. In fact Salman must say directly to them that they are off track n their behaviour is an instigated one by Manu n Manveer ( they have criticised both Lokesh and Lopamudra badly behind their backs) Manu pointed hardly 100 viewers watching big boss 10.. That’s an insult!

    • Completele agree with you……they are stupid people with no manners….Dont know how Big Boss can safe them inspite of their disgusting behaviours….Big Boss please eliminate Mona, Manu and Manveer….They are not interesting but annoying

    • I am surprised how Big Boss can save Mona inspite of getting highest vote for elimination….She so shameless and disgusting…Manu, Mona and manveer are not intersting but annoying

    • I truly agree. Lopa is very scared of Bani. That’s why she she is raising her voice. But public knows Lopa is trying to be act smart. She is not the winner of BB 10. Tell me about Mona. She is been with non celebrity team just because she knew her show off will have no room with celebraties one more best thing with her is if her name goes for nominationshe will start crying and trying get emotions from public and big boss administration team and Salman. She is just a time pass for non celebrates. If she come in top 3 it’s all about fixing

    • Mona will be a good contestant only if she stays away from the company of mannu.
      This goes for manveer as well.
      Mannu is the master mind of them.
      He just shouts and shows that what type of personality he has!!!!!?

  2. Show will not get good trp rating Because common people are insulted by celebrity team members all the time thay are getting jail nominations and always all celebrity describe common man at look at them this is what thay are as if thay all came from sky some where so why would common man would vote this show

  3. Big boss
    Aapne mere muh ku baat chhin Li. Wah..Wah..
    Karan sachi may wo botal hai. Jo Kabhi khulta he nhi hai. Kick him out I’m soooooooo happy with this decision.
    Next eviction to be Rahul Dev. This is not your home where you need to create a family relationships. Agar Bete ki itni yaad arahi hai to Bhai jao ghar Bete ke pas u don’t deserve in BB

  4. Agr Aap logo me karan ko nikala to Mai bigboss dekhna bnd kr dugi…. Or meri why se Jo Jo dekhte the Wo v Nahi dkhege…. To trp Vese hi km ho jaayegi

  5. why camera is focussed all the time on Many,Manveer & Mona. I am fedup seeing these 3 idiots + stupid Lokesh all the time. They are all very camera conscious. They do all kind of nonsense just to get noticed.

      • Shyam, U r a commoner without common sense. People would rather spend time n money to watch celebrity than u.
        U r a idiot2 understand this.

      • Shyam Sunder bachpan se Fuddu ho ya Bigg Boss dekh dekh ke Fuddu ban gyae.Fuddu bande janta Bigg Boss Celebrity ki Backchodiyan dekhna chati hai naa ki Manu,Manveer,Mona aur lokesh ki fuddupanti Samjhe

      • Agar koi celebrity bana h to uski apni mehnat h all the time mannu manveer insulting them wo bhi Mona lopa k samane Mujhe samjh nhi aata ki wo khud bhi celebrity h unko bhi bol rahe h wo umne dimaag Nhi h magar

    • I watch the show only for Salman khan,,,n 2ndly becoz of celebrities as they all r my favourite,especially Gourav,Rahul,Karan,Bani n all..m actually least interested in watching manu manveer n dat idiot mona lisa,,she is being used by commoners m such a dumbo she is.She never uses her own brain,,i guess she is scared of spending her precious brain???

      • Bb vani is so loud n annoying. She governs all celebs. Bb entertainment k liye hai na ki celebs ka decent behavior dekhne k liye. Manu manveer show ki jaan h. Om ji ko himalaya bhej do. Unko to logo k beech rehna hi nhi chahiye. Lopa sare task ache se karti h. Rahul ko nikalo.

    • O realy mam . its not true aapke sath agr apke family wale galat karte hoge to kya aap apni right k ly nahi ladti hongi to may be aapko bhi sab yahi kehte hoge ki importance pane k ly kar rahi. Pura india dekh pa raha kitna galat ho raha him commoners k sath. Or ha agar wo celebs hai to commoners ki wajah se hi other wise aaj wo v him me shamil hote

  6. Manveer, Manu and Monalisa should be kicked out from Big Boss for their junglee behaviour, disrespect and obscene talks. It is high time BIg Boss brings some cultured people inside the house. NO wonder the TRP is dropping down. Nobody wants to see old hag Monalisa and Bullies Manveer and Manu.

    • rahul and karan are hopeless and big boss supported only celebraties.kick them out.big boss not getting 30 minutes episode if m3 not in bb.

    • Agar commoners Nehi hota toh show dull aur yeh celebrity kaun sa popular hei Bani ke siba kyuki they doesn’t have the right to abuse commoners Jo hum log hei woh Rohan kya foreign se Aya kya Jo hamesa commoners ko harass aur abuse kartahe shameless person

  7. Banni apni chalarehi hai. And also her behavior is very irritating as she showing. Usko nikalo. Is seasons BB 10 agar chalega to sirf Monu Or Manveer k bajas se. They both are entertaing in comedy as well as task action. Lokesh also having same. So finally I would like to say that this year India Wale really entertaing the bigboss 10 house. So please don’t eliminate any India wale. Bas kuch hi bache hain. Otherwise aam public ki koyi value nehi rehigi celebrity k samne. Come-on BigBoss this year aam public k naam.

  8. All celebs except lopa are worthless to watch,thxto manu,mona and manvir they are at least entertaining. ..kick rahul ,bani,rohan and baba out

  9. not possible at all … karan has huge fan following more thn anyone.. this is all scripted if karan eliminated… and mannu manveer and mona huge disgusting people are there they have no sense how to talk i felt shame when i saw how Indian’s commoners do these cheap stuff

  10. Pls evicted Mona and Lokesh I didn’t like these contestant at all and most of the people watch this episode due to celebrates

  11. We don’t want commeners at all. Kick all the commeners out. After all we want to see celebrities how they behave in the house, their true colours will come out. What is there in commeners, even we are commeners, so what we do they will be doing the same thing. We are interested in celebrities, becuase in public they show something, so in the house we will able to see their true character without their make-ups. Without make-up all are so ugly.

  12. I don’t like karan rohan bani gaurav rahul
    plz yeh sabi ghar se bahar nikal jaae
    rohan is full of egoistic person woh soch raha hai yrrkh usi ki wajah se chala hai a most irritating person in bb 10

  13. I want to say, VJ Bani is the correct person to win this show. And also I’m very disturb to see Manu’s behavior. Manu always misbehave with other’s specially Om Jee. Specially 3 M are sent very wrong massage to all viewer of all country.

  14. elimination should be done purely on voting basis, if karan got highest votes, dn bigboss shld nt eliminate him.. if they take decision on their own then what is the use of our votes.. jisko kam vote mila hai, usko jana chahiye, chahe wo karan ho ya rahul ho ya lokesh ho ya mona. nhi toh voting ka system hi bandh kr dena chahiye

    • I agree with you 100%. If the creative heads have to decide everything then why go through this facade of giving everybody a fair chance. If only the raising of the TRP is their reason then I will stop watching this show. Swami Om was voted out by the viewers. The creative heads thought he should be in the show n he is still there. That man is speaking very vulgarly about girls. Still he is never stopped by Bigg boss. Us that the real face of Bigg boss now? I am very disappointed and will stop watching the show now.

  15. In the daily household wot karan was dedicated enough. A bit weak at task still better than many like swami om and Mona. In Jio live I could see clearly Karan’s words were muted often. Ofcourse he didn’t create any nuisances over the show but some good works like picking up dirty tissues of nitibha and arranging the stuffs.. Making puris etc. which could have been part of 9-10 slot. Strangely aggression and nuisance seems dominating the show. Even in the clipping shown by Salman where Rahul, Rohan and Karan were shown on bed for long… It was clearly visible that karan was on bed for very less time but more in organising his bed and stuff. Had there been little appreciation for his good deeds things would have taken good turn.

  16. Mona should bhi eliminated. She is not playing the game. She just want to be with mano all the tym. I don’t want mona in the house so plz kick her out of the house

  17. Monalisa should not be evicted…
    Becozz she is.. Try herself to come out..
    So i guess she should not be out of the house..

  18. Big irritants…1)Monalisha d obese:2)lopa the annoying ,fake n a big head ache wd her chirping voice;double standard,disloyal,wt more….3swami om…d indecent creature evr on earth….4)lokesh…..smarty but conniving …self obsessed …..nly thinks 4 herself….not loyal 2 single inmates in the house….5)d last Manu ,Manvir….two poison spell in d house….full of negativity 4 d celebrity….d way they pronounce d word celebs s “sealeabss”itself defines so neg vibes 4 others…trying to rule over using “divide n rule policy’in d house…n d stupid Lopa n Mona….got trapped…..these two r nt loyal 4 anyone….time will show thr real face…these two craps discuss such cheap remarks 4 lopa n evn Mona…in their back…..ohhh godd…season 10 ykkkkk …what format u come up wd…..plz kick out these nonsense ppls….out…..this season has so low standards people…..commoners r not so……they r trying to b on d show by being so unreal…..

    Like to see big boss 10 continuation wd some wild wild card entries……..wish bb10 will turn out to b intresting….

    • I agree with you. This season has included people who are fake and desperate for fame. Wish the show becomes more entertaining and not cheap.

  19. Bigg Boss is fake. They have eliminated to get TRPs not on public voting . Mona Lisa should be out on voting basis not Karan

    • I agree. My only objection is that Swami Om who is the most aggravating man in this universe was saved n brought back by the Bigg boss creative team once he was voted out. Why???

  20. Mona lisa n karan needs to leave. Mona lisa is a porn star n karan is hiding behind gurav Rahul n rohan. He needs to go

  21. Actually karan,rahul n gorab r very polite n civilised nt like th 2 idiots n stupid manu n manvir they look uncivilized n try to show off n mona omg what a stupid girl don’t look celebrity no brain.lopa o ho…sound pollution…no beauty n no brain ms india.

  22. I totally disagree with dis its OK karan has eliminated but lokesh its unfair from the poll.I have seen yesterday voting poll and I see Mona has the highest to get out from the house but today they hide bakwas show .why we vote .Its better to watch kapil show BTW kapil has better try then BB. BB ko mana ki dance and Rona accha lgta gain isliye he save Mona

  23. Whatever You guys say, the final showdown would be between Manveer, Vani and Gaurav. After watching Bigg Boss for a long time, it got cleared to me that either vani or Manveer will win the show. And those people complaining about Manu and Manveer should decrease their fantasy of celebs and see the reality of the show. The most disrespectful thing happened this week is promoting Rohan as a captain. Being a captain does not mean you make rules and push them on some people you held grudge against. Captain is someone who makes people follow the right decision and tries to make the bond even more stronger.✌

  24. I do agree that the celebrities are staying dormant without participating actively in the activities and the TRPs are falling to some extent because of that. Karan and Rahul Dev are silent but pretty decent. Not suitable for big boss. So Karan’s eviction is fair in a way. Regarding the rest of the “gharwale”, they do try and participate a bit more. I only wish Lopamudra Raut and Lokesh Kumari use a bit of their commonsense and realize that Manoj and Manveer make fun of them in their absence.
    Also, I am a commoner too, but personally I don’t like the way these so called representatives of “Indiawale” are behaving. Making fun of others behind their backs, unnecessary plotting and fighting, not taking the game in its own spirit (especially Mona Lisa who is really acting like a child always fighting unnecessarily even during that rasgulla task during lockdown). Commoners are not like these people inside the house. I hope they show a bit of decency than these cheap antics to gain attention and popularity. Because of these only my family stopped watching BB10.
    Hope there will be really entertaining activities on the show than the current inappreciable antics by the people(especially the Indiawale trio)

  25. Manu and manveer are disgusting a little too much irritating they think they are very smart hope salman khan gives them a kick

  26. All the The commenters Manveer and mannu show that commoners are idiot , loud, always plotting , laughing without reason , we are common people but do not behave like these two goondas . Celebrates are in there best behaviour. Who would like to open up with these two senseless . Mona is irritating. She should go . When they don’t mind Mona lopa in there co why can’t locash or nitba can talk to others
    Big boss flop this year

  27. Big boss is fake because they are saying that the elimination is done by voting but least vote was Rahul and TH WORST (lokesh) so plz if bb is not fake u should bring Karan back in wild guard entry

  28. Bani should win…nanu is shakuli of mahabharat..n manveer is his servent….n Mona…..don’t know big boss is waiting for whom to eliminate her.

  29. Actually manu panjabi is a great jabra. He is thinking that he is the most intelligent nd can make the public fool. He is very much camera consious.

  30. Manu aur manveer gaya toh entairtain kaun karega saale celebs
    Jo din. Bhar khate rehte aur ghumte rehte hai

    Celebs r so boring expect lopa

    Ek baar task se captain chuno phir dekho kaun banta hai
    Common what laga celebs ki

  31. rohan is a bad captain till…bcz he is not fare to all…he is only support ing clebs….he cannot took own decisions…..what bani says…he do support always …..

  32. Mona lisa budhiya ko out karo show se.Om ji BaBa sahi keh raha tha “Budhape mein jawani kahan se Chad Gayi Mona”

  33. guys aap jis commoners ko dekh rhe h wo kahan se commoner lag rhe h……they are insulted of commoner…..commoner kabhi aise behave nhi krte jaise ye log kr rhe h …….

  34. Manu, manveer and mona lisa should really get kicked out of the house…i mean m really fed up of their irrating selves…i want Bani or Rohan to win they are like “Prince 2.0”

  35. Sare clebs fake hain ye sab maa k pet se clebs peda nahi hoe the ye sab bhi pehle common log the but jab se ye india walon k muqable ma hain apne apne aap ko ksi or dunia ki makhlooq samjh rahe hain boring sare k sare siwae lopa nd mona k in sab ma best manu manveer or mona hain atleast intertain to kar rahe hain inlogo k baghiair show bekar ha

  36. First of all please remove OM because he is a criminal and if Big boss pattern is putting criminal inside then they should put Saddam or all other terrorist together. Then kindly remove Lokesh as she does not understand anything about the game even the tasks. Then please remove manveer as he is so irritating and his language actually proves that he is a big GAVAR.

    Then please put some good task in the show/////As it seems to boring to watch them all the time sitting and talking////Must say this time big boss 10 is the most boring show. It should be closed or shut down. If that’s the case.

  37. This season of Bb is too boring to watch. Monalisa, lokesh n baba should get evicted. In place of them please bring some new wild card entries and give them some fun tasks. Its 2 boring to watch dm sittng , joking n gossiping al d time.

  38. Manoj manu Punjabiis ko nikalo manveer ko khelne hi ni de rha h wo manveer aur monalisa ka guru bna hua h show me

  39. Fair decision by Bigg boss. Karan was not doing anything in house. I dnt knw y Bigg boss put him in bb house. Manveer n Mannu alwyz rock in d house. Common people will win. Rahul should b eliminated today

  40. Karan should not come back.. As he not doing anything in house simply sitting and laughing that’s it.. Wat is the use to take him back.. Well done bigg boss.. Manu and lopa gud in house keep it up guys

    • I agree with u bro, even Rahul and rohan should out of the house, rohan is behaving like amir baap ka bigda hua awulat

  41. Big boss 10 is a boring show. This shows control by Salman khan,even if spoiled the culture of India,he always takes stand on Mona,Lopa,always making fun of Swami Omm hi.its not fare.


  43. Throw out manu from bb’s house he is not good with baba Ji he is old guy many should not have to behave like this with babaji

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