Bigg Boss 10 Winner Name Revealed? Manveer Gujar (Manu) won the show !

bigg boss 10 winner
bigg boss 10 winner

The name of the winner of 10th season of most loved TV reality show in India is about to revealed today exclusively on Colors TV. The most expected name of Bigg Boss 10 winner is Manveer Gujar while the other participants line up just behind the next day superstar of India. Skilled in treating various kind of people, Manveer found himself in numerous fist fights this season. Being raised up in an ordinary man family, he shares views with many people around the country who are helping him in winning a significant vote share.

The name of Bigg Boss 10 winner will be revealed at 9 PM on Colors TV.


As on current situation, the support for the final participants is as follows

Manveer Gujar – 62%
Bani J. – 38%

Bani Judge also holds a great chance of winning the show. She is quite popular among the masses with her special appearance in many TV shows, apart from that Bani is a controversial celebrity. She is well known for breaking the stereotypes. Being among the first names of girls with a great physique, she is an ideal for many people around the country.

Coming to the overall buzz on social media, the best predictable winner arrives in the face of Manveer Gujar, but Bigg Boss 10 name comes with a lot of controversies. Fans of Bani J must be expecting her as the winner after killer performance handling the odd situations in the house.

Actor Hrithik Roshan shall be attending the ceremony of Bigg Boss 10 finale where Salman Khan will reveal the name of BB 10 Winner.
Actor Hrithik Roshan shall be attending the ceremony of Bigg Boss 10 finale where Salman Khan will reveal the name of BB 10 Winner.

The last fight of Bigg Boss 10 winner title shall be between participants and the finalists of the show, Manveer Gujjar and Bani J only.

Kamaal Rashid Khan, Movie critic, predicted the entry of Bani J in the serial very earlier before official entry. He claimed that Producers ignored the actual results to save prize money. In a tweet yesterday, KRK claimed

“Congratulations to Bani for winning #BiggBoss10 n Congratulations to producers to make her fixed winner to save prize money of ₹40 lakhs.” – KRK

According to our poll on Bigg Boss 10 and going through the comments section, we could say that there is an unstoppable wave of Manveer Gujjar which makes him a sure shot winner this time. There were few more tweets in support of Bani.

A prize money of ₹50 lakh shall be awarded to the winner of this episode. Manveer was denied entry in the finale room where the other four contestants were given the task to guess eviction order. Failing to guess the correct order reduced the prize money for Bigg Boss 10 winner reduced the finale winner prize to 40 lakhs only. As the very next response, Rahul Dev, Gaurav Chopra, Rohan Mehra and other evicted from participating in the finale episode of BB 10.

Do let us know who could, according to you can win the finale of BB 10.

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