Bigg Boss 9 Day 13 Episode 13 24th October 2015: Frankly Hating; Keith Got Luggage; Salman Turned Teacher; Mandana-Rochelle Mixing


Bigg Boss 9 Day 13 Episode 13 24th October 2015: Hello BB9 fans, it’s weekend and that means it’s Salman Khan’s time to entertain all with his unique and quirky style. Friday turned out to a challenging day with lots of heat inside the house. Some of the contestants even turned wild during the selfie task. (check: Shandaar collections.)

On the other hand, today, participants were called in the confession room for a task. They just have to pick the pictures of other housemates and tell BB why they disliked them. Get ready to catch up all the updates about it. (read: Kanche collection.)

Bigg Boss 9 Day 13 Episode 13 24th October 2015

Prince – Mandana and  Rochelle
Reason: According to him, Mandana is a fraud while Rochelle is a biased person and also fights for useless reasons.

Arvind – Aman
Why: Arvind thinks that Aman is a very secretive and fake person. He don’t think about the consequences before taking a decision.

Keith – Kishwer
Logic: Due to her emotional attachments, hatred, and cause behind groups creation.

Suyyash – Aman and Mandana
Reason: He said that he gets negative feelings from Aman. He frame others and is unhygienic. Mandana fabricates everything and possesses split-personality.

Mandana- Suyyash and Kishwer
Reason: Kishwer reaches to the personal level which is not good. Suyyash is low-tempered and loud person.

Aman– Suyash
Reason: Remains angry man all the time. He don’t try to resolove issues and spread negative vibes.

bigg boss 9 24th Oct. 2015

Yuvika – Mandana
Reason: Try to dominate all.

Rochelle- Kishwer and Suyyash
Reason: Kishwer is generally loud who gets emotional and tries to dominate. Suyyash yells, shouts, and add personal remarks many of the times.

Roopal – Prince
Reason: He thinks that girls can’t and won’t perform any task.

Kishwer – Mandana and Aman
Reason: Mandana is a sham and contradicts herself always. Aman tends to be irritating after a point because of his extreme calculative and manipulative nature.

Reason: unhygienic.

Digangana  – Arvind
Reason: Don’t know him well.

Rimi- Vikas
Reason: Rimi thinks that Vikas loses his control during intense situations and task time and becomes offensive.

It’s very confusing that they think so much different about one another. After going through all of the above comments and thoughts, it is very difficult to digest that these are the same people who spend 24 hours a day together in Double Trouble. (watch: splitsvilla 8.)

Bigg Boss 9 Day 13 Episode 13 24th October 2015

The host and Bollywood superstar Salman Khan turned a mathematics teacher wearing big glasses and kurta like a masterji who is very strict by nature. Salman was given this task to perform.


All got to know that he is a good maths teacher who taught Prince some fundamentals of numbers. It was a interesting time period / part of today’s show.

The BB9 contestants are still without their clothes and this is turning to be a nightmare for them. The drama, suspense, theme of this season is bring new turns and twists in each episode every day. Firstly, they were asked to enter in pairs. Then, their bags were snatched and only one teammate was given the bag, the other teammate was asked to share the clothes.

Till yesterday, only Keith, Prince, Suyyash and Digangana were left out from their bags. Other inmates received their clothes. In previous days, Bigg Boss asked them to bid and receive their bags. But, the twist was that all the cumulative amount will be deducted from the winning amount.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 13 Episode 13 24th October 2015

Keith bid zero while others bided high amounts. They received their bags but a large proportion of the final prize money was reduced. Keith didn’t get his bag back.

But, at the weekend, i.e., today, Salman Khan returned his bag back to him as he understood the instructions of big boss clearly. He got rewarded for it.

Rochelle got emotional seeing the way housemates were treating Mandana when she was ill. She got hell out tears in her eyes and got sick at heart.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 13 Episode 13 24th October 2015

Today, Mandana and Rochelle were seen sitting and talking randomly about the two weeks they spent in the house and people are still getting to know each other and the bitterness they have for one another. They talked about people deciding others being bogus without any solid proof. Moreover, they said that people think that they try to fabricate their health and play games on their own. It felt like they were crying about other contestants.

Roopal Tyagi got eliminated.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 13 Episode 13 24th October 2015 aired on Saturday at 10:30 pm on Colors TV.

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