Bigg Boss 9 Day 2 13th October 2015: BB9 Live Updates Episode 2 Colors TV; Rimi Refused For Task – As It Happened

Bigg Boss 9 Day 2 13th October 2015 Episode 2 (Tuesday): BB9 premiere held on Sunday in which 14 new contestants were introduced and later on segregated into seven pairs. The season nine kicked-off yesterday (Monday) with a bag and nomination task in which three pairs were nominated for the eliminations to be held at this weekend. Arvind Vegda became yesterday’s highlight for his snoring. Today, the first weekly budget task was given the housemates and they had to face several challenges. Let’ find what happened inside the house.

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Bigg Boss 9 Day 2 13th October 2015 Episode 2

Arvind sacrifices!

Today’s episode started with Arvind Vegda trying to control his snoring problem by sacrificing his health to upkeep the sanity of the big boss house. He decided to not to sleep so that other housemates can sleep peacefully. His wisdom and sacrifice fetch the empathy of all the participants and they decided to interchange their sleeping position next to his bed one by one. Thus, Arvind also got to go to sleep.

Big Boss inmates at work – BB9 day 2 sneak peek

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Digangana and Roopal upset?

At 8 am, all the housemates woke up hearing the song Bachke Tu Rehna”, which indicated and informed them unknowingly that the days ahead are going to be tougher. So, better be prepared. After that they were seen discussing the about the housework and distributing and assigning the household work among everyone. Suddenly, the topic of a pair, Digangana and Roopal came up. They were taunted being inactive. However, they took up that comment and proceeded to clean up the washroom. While cleaning up the area, they discussed their feelings of being left out all alone.

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Bigg Boss 9 Day 2 13th October 2015 Episode 2 continues.

Ankit taunts Roopal!

Roopal’s ex-boyfriend Ankit Gera’s comment added fuel to the fire when he taunted her indirectly while talking to his ex’s partner, Diganganga. However, Roopal avoided and overlooked his comment and continued her the job assigned to her.

Aman Yatan Verma reads out the task to the inmates.

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First weekly budget task!

Afterward, the very first budget task was announced by the bigg boss. It included the task of phobia which comprised of a pair nominated by BB has to perform it and later on the same pair will elect another one to perform their phobia task.

The first pair was challenged by Prince and Rochelle. They nominated Roopal and Digangana to conquer Omphalophobia (fear of belly buttons). The next pair in the series was Ankit and Arvind who were challenged to face Globophobia (fear of balloons) by Keith and Mandana. Next, Aman and Kishwer elected Yuvika and Vikas and they accepted the challenge to face Obesophobia (fear of becoming fat). In the meantime, Rimmi Sen – the partner of Suyyash refused to participate and go bald to conquer Peladophobia. Suyyash was disheartened by her decision and walked away. Later on, BiggBoss provided inmates with an opportunity to step forward and accept the challenge by themselves but nobody did so.

Result: Ankit cheated, Vikas-Yuvika and Suyyash-Rimi lose.

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Vikas Bhalla and Yuvika Chaudhary during their task | Bigg Boss 9 Day 2 13th October 2015 Episode 2

Love stories

During the day, the four lovebirds of the house were busy in creating their own love stories. Suyyash and Kishwer declared that they would marry after the Bigg Boss season 9. While, the new couple Rochelle and Keith were still busy in their love saga.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 2 13th October 2015 Episode 2

Baatein.. aur baatein!

Later on, Vikas and Yukiva discussed over what other housemates thought about Yuvika’s participation in the household chores. She revealed that everybody pinpointed her less participation. Vikas got protective about her and told her that he will not bear anymore if next time any housemate did the same again. Keith and Mandana also joined the conversation but Vikas declined to disclose any further details.

Bigg Boss inmates chatting with each other

Mandana- the hot favourite?

Later in the day, Rochelle gave a pedicure to Keith and Keith gave a relaxing massage to Mandana. Mandana got a message from Prince and she told him that she loved this concept of Double Trouble so much. Mandana and Keith were seen spending quality time together in a philosophical mood while the rests of the inmates were inside the house.

On the couch!

At night, lights were switched off. To stop troubling housemates unintentionally by his snores, Arvind and Ankit decided to sleep on the living room couches. They hoped that now everyone will get a pleasant sleep.

Thus, the Bigg Boss 9 Day 2 13th October 2015 Episode 2 concluded here. Don’t forget to share this page via the buttons present below. Stay tuned with us as we will keep you updated regarding the latest BB9 news.

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