Balika Vadhu: Disa bravely exposes the reality of Geeta’s Husband and Slaps him

In this episode of Balika Vadhu Disa bravely exposes the reality of Geeta’s Husband and Slaps him over the molestation charges in front of his wife.

Anandi, Jagiya, Disa, and Nandini was in the temple. Anandi has met her daughter but as a stranger. Nimboli said that she will not leave Disa wherever she will go. Anandi agrees to take Disa with her. Nimboli is bitten confused but later goes happily that they are moving to a new house. Nimboli, Anandi dances together on a Rajasthani song and Jagya was smiling from behind seeing Anandi Dancing. Anandi was dreaming of the day when Nimboli will call her maa and Disa was also thinking that today her motherhood is saved.

Balika Vadhu 13 Oct Tuesday Episode

Kundan has beaten up in the Juvenile Jail and thus can’t sleep for the whole night. Kundan recalls the bullies he has faced in the jail and thinks of the rebel to the persons who have made him in this situation. Kundan does an unsuccessful attempt to escape from jail as watchman found him going on the wall which was bordered by glass pieces.

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Anandi hugs Nimboli when they were in the car. When they reach Geeta’s home, Geeta comes and slams Disa by calling her a witch and a kidnapper who tried to separate one daughter from her mother. Geeta throws out her bag and says her never to look back as their friendship is no more.

Balika Vadhu

Anandi was weeping out as she got her daughter but as a stranger and she doesn’t have enough right to call her daughter; her daughter. Jagya empathizes her and asks her to be calm and believe in god.

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Geeta’s husband, Naresh comes and slams her for leaving his house and says that she could have benefited him if she has stayed in the house. Disa founds a chance and slaps him hard and says that she is regretted of not slapping her earlier. And Disa now comes to destroy the house of Geeta, Disa took out the whole truth in front of Geeta and exposed everything. Geeta also slapped him.

Kundan was begging in front of the inspector to give him any punishment but do not insult him. Kundan explains his situation and tells the inspector the things he has faced in the jail. The boys come and tells that Kundan is lying. Inspector warns Kundan to not to repeat these things again in the jail. Kundan decided to rebel everyone.

Anant comes to the house to pick up Nidhi for house and Dadisa tells him to call Nandini Nimboli as Anandi have told them to do so. Nimboli comes in the car and Dadisa looks her stunningly.

The next episode of Balika Vadhu shall come with new life of Anandi and Nimboli together.

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