Bigg Boss 9 Day 3 Episode 3 14th October 2015: Suyyash-Rimi Against Refused For Task; Rochelle-Mandana Catfight

Bigg Boss 9 Day 3 Episode 3 14th October 2015 Colors TV: The BB9 started with 14 contestants paired into seven is seeing Navratri festivities trending inside the house. Arvind Vegda is the most excited person about it. The inmates woke up to the songs likes of Tattad Tattad and Bhai Bhai. Later in the day, Arvind was seen playing Garba with Yuvika, Ankit and Prince.

Advancing further with time, the splitsvilla 8 winner РPrince Narula was seen hanging out and increasing relations with Yuvika in full flow. He discussed his feelings to her about the negative behaviour of Aman, Kishwer and Suyyash. Prince also revealed his feeling for Yuvika before all the housemates. Moreover, he took her side when everyone was pointing out mistakes in her paranthas.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 3 Episode 3 14th October 2015

watch: Diya Aur Baati.

Further in the day, Keith’s partner Mandana created problems in the house. In the morning time, she told her partner to tell his girlfriend Rochelle to take chill pill as she is not there to break them up. She was also seen fuming at Aman when he playfully tried to escape and stop her punch.

The very first task, introduced on the first day, continued. The phobia game proceeded, but before the same, Bigg Boss announced that a luxury budget will be assigned to the pair who wins the first task.

Kishwer’s boyfriend Suyyash and his partner Rimi Sen suprised everybody when they challenged Kishwer and Aman to take up and face Melophobia (the fear of music) task. They both passed it by playing a mouth organ into a dead fish’s mouth.

In the surprising turn, the same pair was again challenged by Yuvika and Vikas to conquer Trichophobia (the fear of hair). The duo also accomplished this task by donning a shampooed hair mask on their face for five minutes. From such incidents, it seemed that the actual double trouble is still hiding in a corner of the house.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 3 Episode 3 14th October 2015

The next pair to be challenged was Suyyash and Rimi. Roopal and Digangana gave them the task to overcome Trypanophobia (the fear of needles). They got to know that this challenge will have a permanent tattoo of Bigg Boss on their bodies. Thus, they tried to confirm about the size of the tattoos as Rimi declined to get it prior to getting all details.

Later on, they got to know the size and font about the tattoos. But, Suyyash refused to proceed with this challenge as the specs of tattoos were unacceptable to him. Suyyash temperament escalated quickly as they felt unfair treatment for not getting any answer from the big boss. The pair returned back after raising the white flag.

When both of them came back to the living room, Mandana taunted Suyyash for commenting against her. She started crying. However, he apologized to her and even sang a song to make her happy.

While, there was someone who felt disappointed for not being challenged by anybody. She is none other than Rochelle. She cited that their pair didn’t get any opportunity. Her partner Prince consoled her and said that the housemates are actually afraid of them.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 3 Episode 3 14th October 2015

Prior to sleeping, Mandana was seen creating scenes to get sleep near Vikas and Arvind. But, her stubborn attitude wasn’t able to take her out of the situation. Later on, Kishwer imitated her while describing the selfish behavior towards others.

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