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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th October 2015: Here is the written episode of KY2 Wednesday, Oct. 14. In today’s episode, Something is going on in Nandini’s mind and then suddenly Aryaman comes and give her a hug. Nandini asks him to become normal, but he is very happy and tells her that he was there to perform the drums with fab5. He included that he performs in place of Cabir and experienced good after performing with the Fab5 team.

After that long conversion goes on between them and he says about the problems with the sticks, Nandhani is astonished and asks him what is wrong with all of them but he does not open his mouth.

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th October 2015

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The O2 manager is not satisfied with Dhruv’s voice because he doesn’t find the quality of lead voice in him. Mukti and Aaliya added in support of him that his voice quality will be better after the applications of sound effects.

But he doesn’t want to listen to them and asks all of them to search someone else whose voice is similar to Manik. He gives them two ways, one is to find the lead voice like Manik and other is forget about the song. Then all of them are thinking for a solution for the producer.

Dhruv loses hope and says that he is not able to do anymore and puts step backward to leave. Then Mukti tries to stop him and says that he cannot leave this. He added that singing and Fab5 are his life and only because of helplessness, he don’t want to struggle anymore. Aaliya requests them to stop discussing and just find the solution to the problem.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan 14th October 2015

Aryaman gradually gets up and says that he has a new way to the problem, but they will not accept it. They asks him the solution then he says that they have to change the Manik’s place, Mukti shouts at him and says him that what he is asking us to do and then one by one everyone leaves.

Nandhini says that they want to replace Manik and Aryaman added that they have no any other choice.

Aryaman is in sitting position and one by one all arrive and he says that what they have decided. They reply that they also think the same that they have to find another lead voice.

Aryaman says to Dhruv that his voice will not get shattered because someone told him. He gives an appropriate example, but Mukti says that it will be better to him to limit his example to himself.

Aaliya says how will they find the way for the replacement of Manik. Aryaman says that there is a man whose voice is almost same as him, but all of them hate him. Aaliya and Mukti in anger both say that they will beat him if he comes in front of them but then agreed for the same as they have no choice. Aryaman and Mukti after discussion go to talk to him.

A group of boys is practicing in the jam room and Madhiam comes and starts making fun of them and then says that their time is over and they should have to leave. One of them puts his hand on him, but he pushes away and warns him to never place his hand on him otherwise a fight may occur. Aryaman and Mukti are standing behind him and when he turns back he give angry face expressions to see them.

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