Bigg Boss 9 Day 33 Episode 33 13th November 2015: BB9 Updates; Suyyash Became New House Captain


Bigg Boss 9 Day 33 Episode 33 13th November 2015: Let’s catch up the highlights of what happened today inside the BB house. Yesterday, the housemates enjoyed diwali festival night with lots of fun, some verbal spats which are now a regular stuff. Before going to sleep, some of the inmates enjoyed fireworks. Today, the mates woke up to the song “Rang De Basanti” which made the contestants to feel energetic and it pumped them up to face the challenging day ahead. (read: PRDP reviews.)

Inside the house, two participants, Mandana and Rochelle are seen busy in their little world for quite sometime now. Today, they were spotted talking about the performances presented yesterday. Roch revealed that she didn’t expect the criticism for her part. Mandana said to her that now she has been treated as an object of ridicule and she is also against it.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 33 Episode 33 13th November 2015

While taking breakfast, Rishabh advised Digangana to stand for herself so that no one at least can drag her into some pointless issues. He added that she shouldn’t interfere in the matter of Mandana and Rochelle and said that it’s high time for her to do something.

bigg boss 9 episode 33

As the day progressed, Rishabh, being the new captain, was seen giving responsibilities of the household work to all the contestants. Mandana was assigned the job to set the bedroom and carpet cleaning, but stuborn lady refused to do it citing that she had back pain. She gave one more reason to refuse to work that in case if something got misplaced by her, then it will become the origin of unnecessary fights.

Rochelle Maria Rao in confession room announcing her candidature for the next house captain.

Later in the day, Big Boss announced the house captaincy task to choose someone as the new captain for this week. Prince, Rochelle, and Suyyash announced their candidature for the same in the confession room.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 33 Episode 33 13th November 2015


During a causal conversation with Suyyash and gang, the current captain of the house said that Mandana makes excuses while doing work to resist herself from doing it. Rishabh added that today she refuesed to do cleaning as she finds it degrading. Prince agreed with him and said that she was the first one to find his faults during hotel task and now she is not efficient to do household chores.

Hearing to the conversation, the fierce Mandana revolted back to them and threw microphone. She let BiggBoss know that she will not wear it until and unless this matter is solved and to have a word with him in the room.

Prince Narula and Kishwer Merchantt in a casual mood.

In the evening, someone stole chocolates. Then, what came next is not a thing to tell. Obviously one more blame game. All the housemates got into Sherlock Holmes mode to solve this case. Quickly, Kishwer put the blame on Rishabh, to which he defended and passed it to Prince instead.

housemates during the captaincy task. | Bigg Boss 9 Day 33 Episode 33 13th November 2015

Soon enough, BB called everyone in the garden area to witness the new captaincy task. The task was to protect the contenders – Prince, Rochelle, and Suyyash themselves from getting painted using a shield. All housemates got busy in painting one another t-shirts while remaining inside the circle which was a rule, else the participant who crossed the line would get disqualify. The housemates enjoyed this task very much.

bigg boss 9 13th Nov. 2015

Update: Suyyash became the new captain and he decided to take revenge by nominating Prince and Rochelle.

Later in the Bigg Boss 9 Day 33 Episode 33 13th November 2015, there was one more task. In it, Puneet forcefully splashed water onto the face of Rishabh which made him very angry. However, Puneet apologized many times but he didn’t listen.

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