Bigg Boss 9 (Day 77) Episode 77 – 27th December 2015: BB9 Updates; Salman Khan Celebrates 50th Birthday, Gizele Thakral Eliminated

Bigg Boss 9 Day 77 Episode 77 27th December 2015
Bigg Boss 9 Day 77 Episode 77 27th December 2015

Bigg Boss 9, Day 77, Episode 77 – 27th December 2015: BB9 updates; Let’s catch up the highlights of the episode aired today. Today’s episode was a special one as it marked the birthday of Bollywood superstar who is the host of the show, Salman. Moreover, this was Sunday and thus, it marks the elimination of one contestant. (see: Dilwale collections.)

It all started today with bracing up of the housemates to give a surprise to Sallu mia as they put in special efforts for the 50th birthday celebrations of Salman Khan. They not only prepared wishing cards, but also planned for a group dance act on special and popular songs – Mera Hi Jalwa and Selfie Le Le Re. However, prior to entering inside the house, Salman tuned in to Me TV and found out the they were preparing for the dance act instead of seating on the couch.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 77 Episode 77 27th December 2015

After a while, Salman informed all the housemates about the Christmas costumes kept in the store room for them. Then, he asked the inmates to mutually decide the wear the costumes which suits their attitude. Just as they changed, Salman entered the house with dancers donned in Santa Clause dresses.

Proceeding further, Salman asked the inmates to walk the ramp and also to explain why did they choose or choosen for the costumes they wore. Rishabha and Mandana were donned in devil dresses, Priya and Kishwer were dressed as witches, Suyyash and Prince as Santa Clause, Keith as reindeers, Rochelle as an angel while Nora bec ame a snowman.

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Later on, Big Boss made an announcement for Salman Khan that there is a surprise and a treasure hunt for him to play. After getting clues about the whereabouts of his gifts, he found them with the help received by the housemates. In the gifts, he found some of his favorite things in them like a cap with the word ‘friend’, protein shake, protein bars, a collage of Salman’s favourite moments, canvas to hone his painting hobby and a cake with Santarinas.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 77 Episode 77 27th December 2015

Moreover, big boss showed all the housemates and the audiences the journey of Salman Khan in the show. It was like taking a walk down the memory lane. At last, the contestants wished Salman with their birthday wishing cards out of which, some were warm while some quirky. The actor appreciated the efforts put in by them and painted Jesus Christ and gifted it to the housemates as their return gift. Then, Mandana asked about the ‘Friend’ cap which he happily gave it to her.

bigg boss 9 27th Dec. 2015

Just as Salman left the house, Prince snatched the cap from Mandana and wore it himself. This irked Mandy who told him to not to touch her possessions. Further, Priya heated the fight citing that Mandana was the one who stole the facewash of Rishabh at the first place.

As a result, Mandana lost her cool and in aggression, she took off the devil horn worn by Priya and broke them. This was not all, she even threw the vampire teeth at her. The housemates witnessed this heated argument fight. At last of the Bigg Boss 9 Day 77 Episode 77 27th December 2015, the elimination part came and Gizele Thakral was asked to leave the show.

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  1. Priya is so freakin loud, yes looking for attention all the time.. Acting smart all the time.. why is she after Mandana so much.. i guess she wants her out. Kish, Rochelle and Suyash should be out now. Mandana, Prince, Keith or Rishab should win. That Nora is good for nothing. She looks awful.. Kish and her man are too much… Get out both of you!
    Mandana gets her point out and that is the reason the whole house cannot stand her boldness. Way to go girl! Keep playing the way you are doing..Dont let them get into you.. Just dont touch anyone..

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