Kumkum Bhagya: Bulbul aka Mrunal Thakur to leave the television series from upcoming month

Kajol Shrivastava who is going to replace Mrunal Thakur on screen

Bulbul who is one of the most concentrated part of the show has decided to leave the show finally and for which the directors have planned out her dramatical end. There are also possible chances that after the end of Murnal Thakur existence in the show, Pragya will reveal out the truth in front of everyone. Murnal was ill last month and after that, this new spoiler comes in the news where the actress is leaving the television series.

Bulbul will come to know about some plan of the villain of the show, Alia that she is planning to kill Pragya (Bulbul’s on-screen sister) and she will have to somehow save her without revealing the truth to anyone in the house. While trying to find out the person who is trying to kill her sister, she will meet a tragic accident at her wedding reception. A candleholder would be lighted up by killer Vijay and it was about to kill Pragya. Bulbul who was already trying to protect her notice that and pushes her away from the fire and put herself in Pragya’s place. They all will rush to the hospital in order to save her, after doing the plastic surgery Murnal will leave the show and Kajol Shrivastava will enter in her place. Komal Shrivastav is currently playing the role in Badi Devrani serial at & TV television.

Kajol Shrivastava who is going to replace Mrunal Thakur on screen

According to some reports existing Bulbul wants to quit the show because she was not satisfied with the progress in her role in Kumkum Bhagya while some other claimed that she was not feeling well and needs a rest before getting again on-screen. During the recent days, even the fans and Mrunal was feeling that her character has been sidelined in order to highlight the relationship of Shabbir Ahluwalia (Abhi) and Sriti Jha (Pragya). Some reports have said that she was finalised for ‘Siya Ke Ram’ but the channel people don’t want her to do the show and she decided to take the contract to an end.

Whatever the reason might be, her fans are going to miss her on screen once again. Some fans have got faded up with the role of Alia as a villain in the house and want her to leave the house in place of Mrunal Thakur. Kajol Shrivastava says this is a new role for her, so she will make sure the character have her own fragrance. It would really interesting to see the new twists and turns on the on screen episodes.

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  1. No we need old bulbul only please we no need new one no one can replace her character in kumkum bhagya I like bulbul more than pragya bulbul is really so cute please we need old bulbul to be continued plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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