‘Bigg Boss 9’ Day 78 Episode 78 28th Dec 2015: BB9 Updates; Mandana apologise to Priya in everyone’s presence

Bigg Boss 9 Day 78 Episode 78 28th December 2015
Bigg Boss 9 Day 78 Episode 78 28th December 2015

‘Bigg Boss 9’ Day 78 Episode 78 28th December 2015: BB9 updates; Let’s go through the main highlights of what happened today on the show. So, just scroll down to get the latest news right from the sets. (read: Kumkum Bhagya.)

Big Boss made the housemates wake up to the title song ‘Kill Dil’. Just after waking up, the inmates started discussing the results of ‘party or punishment’ task. Being the captain of the house, Suyyash was supposed to stop the housemates from breaking rules any further. At the same time, he was supposed to perform those punishments himself as a part of the task. While, Kishwer got the task to become the maid for Mandana for the next 48 hours, but she refused to do so citing the violent nature of Maddy after the last night big fight.

‘Bigg Boss 9’ 28th Dec Full Episode

Proceeding further, Priya tried her best to irritate Mandana and also followed her in the entire house wherever she went. In order to free herself from Priya, Mandana switched off the lights when she entered the washroom.

Then, in the Sky Lounge, Mandana agreed to apologize to Priya only if Salman Khan asks her to do so. Then, she was called in the confession room where she was told by big boss that housemates would come up with a strong decision against her. Moreover, she got scolded for her disappointing behavior.

Bigg Boss 9 Episode 78

Later in the day, Suyyash seized the bags of Mandana and store them in the store room. She got really annoyed at this behaviour of Suyyash. She said to the captain that BB has already said that she hadn’t done anything unethical and thus he has no right to confiscate the same.

Further, Suyyash was spotted saying to the housemates the seizing of the bags wouldn’t bring any change in the behaviour of Mandana. When he had almost decided to return it to her, Kishwer, Rochelle, and Priya got infuriated.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 78 Episode 78 28th December 2015

Then, after some time, big boss announced the next double trouble room task which will produce an effect on this week’s nominations. Priya, Rochelle, and Kishwer were called into the DT rooms and given four different situations.

Bigg Boss Task Rules

  1. If one person presses the buzzer then, she will be safe for the rest of the week. Also, she will get to nominate four other contestants and the other two in the DT rooms will get automatically nominated.
  2. If any two candidates pressed the buzzers then, the third in the room will get nominated.
  3. If all the three persons press the buzzer, the rest of the housemates will get nominated while three of them will be safe for the week.
  4. If no buzzer was pressed, all the housemates will get nominated.
Bigg Boss 9 28th Dec. 2015

The next morning, they wake up to the tunes of ‘Shake It Like Shammi’. As Priya came into the sunlight, she saw Rishabh is not holding umbrella onto Nora as the task suggested. Thus, she asked him to perform his task.

However, Priya and Nora got really busy in a fight. On the surprise note, Rishabh took the side of Nora instead of Priya. Both of them spent their half of the day being together. Utilizing the available time and situation, he started bad mouthing Rochelle and other classmates and brainwashed Nora.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 78 Episode 78 28th December 2015

Later in the day, Mandana came to apologize to Priya for her behavior in front of all the contestants.

The task titled ‘party or punishment’ ended. After some time, Rishabh and Priya were still enjoying the day with each other. They were kind of flirting to each other which made Prince jealous. His jealousy was very much evident.

Furthermore, Nora told Mandana that Rishabha told her that she is just using Prince to her advantage and he should not fall in her trap.

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  1. Dear Salman

    Thank you so much for all the help giving to Mandana It was frustrating to see Priya harassing her It was sad and irritating to see her doing this to Mandana . Screaming in her ears. Poor Mandana Priya being a teacher it is a disgrace to see her behave like that . Probably no schools must have tolerated her nonsense that is why she participated in Big Boss . Why is the cool group after Mandana . Is it that all of them are perfect and have no faults in them. It is not right . They are all insecured. Kishwar is the ring leader . She is the one who is instigating everyone . The problem is that there are couples in the Big Boss so each one is taking each one side . Which is bad . Anyway I must thank Big Boss for making the right decession by calling Priya and Mandana and clarifying the matter The cool group is just spiting one person . Sad very sad Now Priya is with them fearing she will be nominated hoping that if she is good with the cool group she wont be nominated . .

  2. In the beginning I was against mandana but realised later she is the actually winner and nice person when she gave her captaincy to suyyash and he didn’t even appreciated instead took strict decisions by seizing her bags access. They all are jealous and unsecured from her. She is playing quite well totally support her.Priya is only back bitter and real culprit in this house , well proved herself an untrustworthy person

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