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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th December 2015: YHM latest episode is out. The Monday episode keeps going in Ashok’s favor. Ishita is facing rejection from all her family members and Raman is still upset with Ishita and her gang. So what happened next? Take a look. (see: Last Episode of Ye Hai Mohabatein.)

The episode begins with Raman scolding Ishita and he doesn’t allow her to talk. He says if you lie one more time, we might end our relation and he says I am ashamed because of you and your gang. You told Adi that her mother is dead and Ishita says will talk in the room and he says no I won’t allow that as Shagun’s spirit is inside you.You fooled everyone and you must talk before everyone.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th December 2015

Ishita and everyone cry and she say she has done this to save your life and Ashok has to threaten me that he would kill children too and she did this to find Ashok’s informer. Raman asks Romi to clap and says she could win an oscar. What did you achieve by doing all this? You have put the entire family in danger. Amma has given birth to a goddess and because of your doings, I can’t face people in our society and kids are scared of you too. (see: All Episodes of YHM.)

Raman scolds Abhishek for helping out Ishita despite being and ACP. He says this is why people are scared of the police. Abhishek says he had no proof to arrest Ashok and I tried to save you and Raman says what harm did he do to me? Ishita says we are scared of the informer and we did this to save you.

Raman says Pratee, Abhishek and Shagun are more important to you than me and you promised that you wouldn’t hide anything from me. Your 3 months behavior has showed me hell and Ashok have once again by making me loose my wife. Every is shocked.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th December 2015

Sarika smiles and Shagun consoles Ishita. Everyone go away to their rooms and Ishita is crying in her home alone and Adi comes and hugs her saying I love you and I know you haven’t hurt anyone. Ruhi comes from Bua’s place and scolds Raman and he hugs her and takes her to his room.

Ashok is waiting for Sarika’s call and she calls him and says you have won and it happening as you said. Raman is scolding her and everyone isn’t looking at Ishita anymore. He laughs hard and says listen carefully as this is your final step and don’t get yourself in trouble. She says to herself and where am I stuck and I am hurting my own family.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th December 2015

Bala comes home and Appa talks to him about Ishita and he says he is tired with immense work. Appa says he came to know everything and says you need to balance your works and remember respect is more important than money. Khosla tells Bala that he wants him to concentrate on the institute and Bala says I can’t abandon my students right before the exams and Khosla argues with him and ends the call.

Bala worries and turns and sees Vandu. Sarika knocks the door and she opens it and sees Ramandrinking. She goes to him and gives him food and is even adding some powder to the juice and says no one has eaten even the kids. You must have some food. Raman takes the glass to drink and she leaves. Sarika goes downstairs and calls Ashok and says your work is done and Romi takes off her phone and says why are you on the phone every time and I think you need to give it a rest for a day. She worries and thinks what if Ashok calls me again.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 28th December 2015

Sarika goes downstairs. She calls Ashok and says work is over. Romi takes her phone and asks what’s her problem, she is always on the phone. She says I went to give food to Raman, Asha called. He asks who is this Asha. He says I will keep this phone, see the situation at home, nothing will happen if you don’t keep the phone for one day. He goes. She worries thinking what if Ashok calls again.

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