Bigg Boss 9 Day 90 Episode 90 9th January 2016: BB9 Updates; Salman Khan Grills Prince Narula Over Kishwer Merchantt

Bigg Boss 9 Day 90 Episode 90 10th January 2016
Bigg Boss 9 Day 90 Episode 90 10th January 2016

Bigg Boss 9 Day 90 Episode 90 9th January 2016: BB9 updates; It was Saturday, i.e., weekend and it meant Bollywood Bhai Salman Khan on the show. Thus, he appeared and to take housemates’ classes and give them a piece of mind. Today’s highlight was the grilling of Prince by Salman. (see: Happy Birthday Hrithik Roshan.)

The Bollywood superstar trapped splitsvilla 8 winner Prince Narula in his questions. As a result, Prince was not able to give satisfactory answers to the questions asked to him by Salman. He fell short of words. He asked as to why Prince asked Kishwer to press the button first when he press the button first.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 90 Episode 90 9th January 2016

Prince failed to give a convincing answer to this question too. Then, Salman asked Priya to share her point of view on this incident. She said that he might think that he can tackle Mandana easily as she is a ‘weak’ contestant on the show. She added that Prince’s argument to save ‘Kishwer’ was not justified too as she had been already nominated for the eviction.

Salman also tried to make him remember his past statement that he would need a girl to win the show. Prince again failed to remember such incident.

After a while, Salman showed him a clip of last night in which Kishwer and Prince had a conversation before Kishwer quitted the show. It was clear that Prince desperately forced her to press the buzzer as if he has some kind of setting with COLORS to do Khatron Ke Khiladi. While, Prince justifies himself saying he wants to do KKK indeed, Salman rubbishes his claims about having an agreement with the channel about doing the show.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 90 Episode 90 10th January 2016

Prince tried to defend himself and said that he would like to do KKK, but Salman rubbished his claims of having some kind of agreement with the channel regarding the show. Further, the rest of the housemates joined Salman and starting questioning him as if he didn’t strategise against others.


Further on bigg boss 9 episode 90, Priya took on Prince’s claim “main sabke saath bana ke rakhta soon, therefore, I am a winner material,” and “I never strategise.” Priya slashed his claims and said that he has a go with herd mentality which helps him for being saved from nominations and tasks and that’s why she hated group-ism.

Salman, further, said that Suyyash had the qualities which made him friendly and if that quality makes someone the winner, then he would have been on the show till now at least.

Proceeding further on bigg boss 9 9th Jan. 2016, Salman gave a reality check to him about what he did to his so-called ‘sister’ aka Kishwer. The host said that if he had been in his place, then he would have taken Rs. 25 lakhs and left the show for his sister’s sake. This would make an example for others. But, he did exactly opposite to it by forcing Kishwer to leave the show citing the sibling bond.

Salman guessed Prince’s strategy for the rest of the game including ‘Ticket to Finale’ task. He said that Narula must have planned like this that first of all take advantage of Mandana and Kishwer and then kick out Mandana for his own benefits.

After that, it was the turn for the caller of the week when he asked Rochelle that why did she want Keith to support her even when she is wrong, Rochelle started giving justifications. Salman interrupted and she had not been looking good on TV because she never listened whenever Keith tried to point out her mistakes.

After all, it was the time for some promotions and guest arrival. Sonam Kapoor came for the promotion of her upcoming movie ‘Neerja’. She shakes legs with Khan. The Bigg Boss 9 Day 90 Episode 90 9th January 2016 ended. Stay tuned for latest bb9 news.

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