Brahmanandam Gifts Himself A New Luxury Car – Mercedes Benz

Brahmanandam Gifts Himself A Mercedes Benz
Brahmanandam Gifts Himself A Mercedes Benz

Brahmanandam Gifts Himself A Mercedes Benz: It’s not easy to impress the audience with your performance and turning out to be Superstars. It happened with many but there has been lot of hard work behind every success. Tollywood had enough scope for comedians and one such comedian who shot tremendous fame is Brahmanand. The actor who had passion for cinema resigned his job as a professor and tried his luck in Telugu cinema.

He made his debut in 1987 with the movie Aha Naa Pellanta and his character as Ara Gundu is still remembered. He impressed Megastar Chiranjeevi who was already a star and he used to act during his gaps between the shoots which made him get a role in Jagadeka Veerudu Athiloka Sundari. He even played many supporting roles and in some of the films Brahmanandam played the lead role which impressed the audience.

Brahmanandam Gifts Himself A Mercedes Benz

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Brahmanandam had huge clarity on how the audience wants him to be projected. He selected such roles and excelled with his performance which made him one of he highest paid comedians in Tollywood. His craze reached huge heights and at one time there was hardly a film without Brahmanandam.

Many top writers and directors penned scripts basing his character too and he kept trending for over a decade with these roles. He became too busy that he rejected many big films as he could not allot dates. He made his place in The Guiness Book of World Records for acting in over 1000 films in his career.

He was honored with Padma Shri for his stupendous contribution to cinema. Brahmanandam has been named as one of the finest actors of Indian cinema however his career graph suddenly fell down as he started doing repeated characters. He has been charging Rs 5 lakhs per day which was even hectic for the filmmakers. With many young and promising actors making their debut, Brahmanandam has been sidelined and replaced with young actors.

Brahmanandam Gifts Himself A Mercedes Benz

But Brahmanandam has not felt it down as he achieved more than what he expected. The latest update is that he gifted himself a costly Mercedez Benz and is relaxing completely. After spending busy life for over two decades, he is now relaxing and enjoying life.

He even revealed that he will live the life to the best. He is currently spending time with his family which he could not do during his high time. He even bought a fancy number for his new swanky Mercedez black Benz which has become the talk of the industry currently.

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