Brahmarakshas 23 October 2016: Brahma Rakshas Attacked Rishab and Yug Badly

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 23rd October 2016: Raina got ready for the karvachauth. Dadi bua complimented her and said that she was looking beautiful. Rishab and Yug were out for to get something. They were walking in the street. Brahmarakshas attacked them. Yug fell unconscious.

Raina was waiting for Rishab. Yug then brought Rishab at home; he was injured very badly. Rishab said that Brahmarakshas was back. Raina got shocked and dropped her thali. Rishab fell unconscious. Raina shouted Rishab. They rushed him and Yug to the hospital.

Brahmarakshas 23rd October 2016

Doctor told them that Yug’s condition was stable but Rishab was critical as there had been a significant blood loss. Raina cried a lot. Raina said that she did not want to lose Rishab. Dadi bua consoled her. Raina remembered that Rishab told him that Brahmarakshas was a woman. She went to Yug to ask him.

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He remembered seeing his face but acted like he was sleeping. Apu heard their conversation. Raina pleaded Mohini for help and told her that Brahmarakshas was back. Apu thought that she would be in trouble if Rishab would have seen her face. Naina went to Yug. He asked her to leave him alone. She ran away crying.

Yug was afraid. Apu came there and frightened him and asked him not to tell anyone. Yug was afraid of her. Mohini said to Raina that she did not want to lose Rishab. Raina cried and stated that she needs to find out the truth. Apu fumed seeing them.

Brahmarakshas 23rd October 2016

Rishab got conscious in the morning and told Raina that Brahmarakshas was back. He asked nurse as whom Raina was. Raina said that it was her. Raina thought if she should tell him or not that she was his wife. Doctor came and asked him as for how he was feeling. Raina said that he lost his memory.

Doctor asked Rishab his name and about Raina. He told everything. Raina got angry. Rishab laughed and said that she could be fooled very easily. Raina asked him to have something. He asked her to have first. Rishab made her eat. She smiled. She got emotional. Apu was searching for Mohini as she was nowhere. She thought that something was wrong.

Mohini went to Phuli and pleaded for help. Phuli asked her to go. Mohini said that Brahmarakshas was back and she needed her help to protect her family. Phuli agreed and said that she would do the Shanti pooja.

Raina and Rishab talked about Brahmarakshas. He came home with her. Apu got tensed when she got to know about the Shanti pooja. Phuli came there and asked Mohini to arrange the items for the Shanti pooja. Raina and Rishab were falling for each other. He asked her if she wanted him to apply vermillion to her forehead.

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