Naagin (Nagin) Season 2 23 October 2016 Episode Colors TV: Shivanya Died As Sesha Stabbed Her

Naagin Season 2 30th October 2016
Naagin Season 2 30th October 2016

Naagin Season 2 23rd October 2016: Yamini stabbed Shivanya. She then realized that it was just her imagination. She said that soon Shivanya would be shocked to see her. Sesha stated that the area was full of danger for nagins. So she should do her plan soon. Sesha thought that Yaamini would do whatever she came there for and said that she was coming with her.

Sesha went to Shivangi room and looked at her and stated that she would not her snatch Rocky from her. She changed into a different lady and said that it was time for marriage. She told her that she was Rocky’s favorite aunt. Rocky came there and was amazed to see Shivangi as she was looking beautiful.

Naagin Season 2 23rd October 2016

He then noticed Sesha’s hand and said that she was there to harm Shivangi. He took Shivangi from there and asked her not to come out till he asked her to. Someone hit him and locked her room as well. He fell. Sesha asked Yaminee for her plan. Yamini and all her goons started killing everyone presents at the marriage.

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They killed Shivangi’s cousins. Shivanya came there and was shocked to see people dead there. Brother asked Shivanya to run from there. Yaamini said to Shivanya that her own sister Sesha would kill her. Shivanya looked at her sister. Sesha smirked at her. Shivanya pleaded them to stop.

Sesha said that she would not kill her that quickly. She stabbed her. Yamini asked pundit to chant the mantra so that Shivanya could be sent to hell. Tears roll down on Sesha’s face when she stabbed her own sister. Shivanya fell on Ritvik’s puppet and died. Yaamini threw money to the goons. She then asked Avantika as where was Shivangi. Avantika said that she was in her room.

Naagin Season 2 23rd October 2016

Yamini with her puppets walked to Shivangi’s room and knocked the door. Shivangi remembered Shivanya’s words who asked her not to open the door. Rocky got up and came out. Sesha said to him that she was injured. He asked about Shivangi. She stated that she locked herself in the room.

Rocky went there and knocked at her door. Yamini hit him again from behind, and he fell unconscious.  Shivangi opened the door and saw Yameeni and puppets. She pleaded Rocky to help her. She tried to escape but got caught by Yamini. Police came there. Shivangi shouted for help.

Yamini ordered her puppet to take Shivangi behind the pillars. Police came in and asked Yaamini if anything is wrong there. Yamini denied. He told her to move away and walked in. Avantika stopped him and said that he could not interrupt the pooja. He walked out. Yamini asked Avantika about. She told her that she was with

She told her that she was with Sesha. They saw her nowhere. Yamini shouted that Sesha took her away.

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