Brahmarakshas 9th October 2016: Apu Asked Yug To Help Her & Get Money in Return

Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016
Brahmarakshas 30th October 2016

Brahmarakshas 9th October 2016: Apu met Raina in the jungle and pleaded for help. Raina said that nobody was going to help her after what she did. Even then Apu was not ashamed instead felt as how dare Raina said that to her. Raina went back and told to Rishab about Apu. (check: Brahmarakshas Last Episode.)

They started their car but the storm came, and they stopped it. Nalin said that who was trying to stop them.  They crossed the Kamalpura and road cleared. They reached home. Nalin and everyone got on seeing the house not renovated yet. They asked if she was coming and they could not make her stay in a hotel.

Brahmarakshas 9th October 2016

Raina asked who they were talking about and who was coming. Yug told her that their bua was coming and she was very strict. Bua came there. She continued her jovial nature and pulled everyone’s legs. Raina touched her feet and called her dadi, but she asked her not to call her dadi as she was just a few years old than her.

She asked her to call her gulabo. She said to Rishab that Raina was beautiful. Bua ji then asked Rishab to follow rituals before Raina entered. He lifted Raina and took her to her room.

Bua ji then kept paper dance competition just for fun. She said that she would reward Rs. 50,000 as a prize to the winner of competition. Rishab and Raina came close in this game. They won the contest. Raina thanked bua when she praised her for her performance.

Nalin said to Mohini that he did not want Raina as their bahu as they were wealthy and her family did not match up with theirs. Mohini stated that they were married and nothing could be done. She asked him not to make another mistake as they have already lost their daughter Rakhi.

Brahmarakshas 9th October 2016

Bua ji then asked Mohini for other rituals to be performed by Raina and asked Raina to do the kitchen routine first. Raina agreed as Mohini signed her to.

Raina told phuli about what happened on the way they when they were coming back. Phuli said that she could tell by reading that book but it was with Apu. Saarpanch said Nalin that Apu was not in jungle and stated that she might have gone back to the USA. He asked Aditya to find out about Apu.

Raina prepared the dish and served it to dadi bua. She liked it and praised Raina for having prepared such a fantastic food. She then said to Mohini that Raina was perfect for Rishab. Rishab said he did not like the rasmalai that Raina prepared. Bua scolded him and said that Raina’s love was there in that dish and he should have it.

Goons beat up Yug. Apu called Yug and asked him to help, and she would give him money in return.

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