Cenk Uygur claims Joe Rogan ‘Slept’ with Several Trans People


Cenk Uygur is again in the news for breaking down on live television while talking about Joe Rogan. While Ranting about Joe Rogan’s ‘hate’ for trans people, Cenk Uygur implicated that Joe had sex with several trans people.

The video of Cenk Uygur’s rant on Trans people went viral on Twitter and Reddit in no time. Uygur responded to Rogan pushing back against attempts to ban the word “groomer” on social media. “Groomer” currently means a derogatory term for leftists, particularly those with LGBT inclinations, particularly those who try to consider their children asexual since birth.

The podcast host claimed that teachers who are associated with the LGBT community are “indoctrinating” the children “for their own sexual pleasure.” Cenk Uygur also doubted the real justification behind endeavoring to censor the word “groomer.”

Cenk Uygur Episode 1817

“Do you not like it because you don’t want children to be groomed, or do you not like it cause it’s a pejorative used against the left?” asked Rogan on episode 1817 of his show.

Uygur reacted by launching a movement to find transgender people who had slept with Joe Joe Rogan, claiming that all Joe can think of right now is transgender people.

“By the way, if you’re the trans person or several people that slept with Joe Rogan, can you let us know? Because it’s obvious that it’s personal with him,” ranted Uygur.

“Okay, Joe, you slept with a person like that. There’s nothing wrong with it! Get over it! Get over it! Get over it, Joe! Obviously, you’re super into trans people, and you’re taking out your hatred over yourself on them, and you’re making their lives dangerous,” he added.

The clip went viral on Twitter, with many people making fun of the Young Turks host going all over Joe Rogan.

“Cenk is just embarrassing himself at this point,” wrote one.

“This is a transparently desperate attempt to get Joe Rogan to mention TYT on his JRE podcast. Cenk gonna Cenk,” said another.

“It’s terrifying that anyone takes this man seriously,” added another.

In episode 1799, Joe Rogan also recently addressed the controversy surrounding the participation of swimmer Lia Thomas, a biological male, in women’s events.

“That might be the woke straw that breaks society’s camel’s back,” he said. “Women are so frustrated because if you – or parents if your daughter is competing and they’re competing against trans women, it’s not fair.”

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