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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th October 2015: The tale of Ashoka has been fascinating from a long time. With these episodes, it has come to us as we see and visualize how the legendary King Ashoka ruled. This new episode has a lot of new ethics which were followed by the old kings and you must not miss it. So folks take a look at this here.

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A soldier kind of guy approaches Sushim and tells him that Kalinga are onto us. Sushim says that he has already planted a strategy for Kalinga. Then comes a trader and says that some poachers have attacked us and stole the gold and even killed one of us. Sushim decides to do something for this. He leaves the court, to which Mahamadhya asks him why did he leave the court in the middle.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th October 2015

He says that Mahamadhya wasn’t showing any interest to these happenings, so he left. Sushim then says that it is their money and Ma has ordered them to shift the gold and they are stolen now. If this goes on, then there will no treasure in the kingdom. Mahamadhya says that this is one serious trouble, we have to track them at the earliest. They call out for Ashoka.

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Sushim calls his brother Ashoka and asks him to tell the location of the refugees. Ashoka asks why? Then Sushim reveals all the crimes done by the refugees and says that he is going to sentence those good for nothings to a death sentence. Ashoka tries to explain his brother about the situation of the refugees and asks him what is the reason behind their doing? He then reveals that the higher officials in the court are the ones who has snatched everything away from them and this lead to a circumstance like this. He asks him to punish those corrupt upper-class man first and then go for them.

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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th October 2015

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Sushim says that if the court officials have done injustice to them, then there must be a proof which must explain  the whole wrongs of Higher officials. Ashoka then talks about Humanity which was there always even before anyone became a higher official. Sushim stops his brother and says enough of this rubbish. Are you going to tell me the location or not? Ashoka stays silent and Sushim too gives a silent gaze showing like it ill finds out the location. Ashoka too thinks like, I know the location, but I will not reveal it. Sushim jails him down and Ashoka smiles off while leaving.

Chanakya nurses hi wounds. Samrat looks at him in pain nd rushes to help him out. Chanakya says that Ulka acted smartly and gave him a poison scratch. Chanakya says tat no other poison can take me down, but this one very peculiar and is trying to take me out too. Samrat says that it was his mistake as he didn’t listen to him. He says that he will go and get Raj Vaid to cure him, Chanakya says that he went missing very recently. Samrat goes for the search of some other Vaid and says Chanakya not to worry as he going to get him quickly.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th October 2015

Chanakya says that no Vish Kanya will try to hurt others for some personal grudges. She must have been sent by someone. We need to track that unknown asap. Chankaya thinks of a plan and asks Samrat to spread the news that Chanakya is on the verge of his death with this Ulka’s doing. He wants that rumor to spread on a wide range so that the unknown can come forward and show up. He also says to Samrat to be careful from now on.

Rani Charumita approaches a lady who does Black magic. She is ready to extent to remove Ashoka and Dharma out of her life. The lady makes a cut on her hand and she screams to hell. The lady says that she needs to undergo a lot of pain to make her wishes come true. SO she asks her to bear with it.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 15th October 2015

Sushim ties up Ashoka hands and legs with a rope and also ties up a stone to the other side of the stone. He asks one last time and Ahsoka ignores. He throws Ashoka in the water. Ahsoka goes down with the stone.

This is all for today’s episode. Stay connected with us to get latest Ashok Samrat news and updates.

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