Swaragini 15th October 2015: Family Decided To Throw Ragini Out

Swaragini 15th October 2015 Thursday Colors TV: Today’s episode started with Shekhar saying that he is getting punished for having such a bad daughter. He told Ragini that he will accept her into his home if she will be thrown out of her in-law’s house, but will not remain the same relation.

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Dadi apologized in front of all the family members and said they will accept whatever punishment they decide for Ragini. Annapurna asked her the reason for doing such things and toying family’s emotions and for the betrayal. However, Durga Prasad interrupted and said that such talks don’t have any benefit now. And added that everybody hate her now.

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Swaragini 15th October 2015

Further, he said that it can be understood that how you felt when Lakshya broke relation with her and now she has completely changed the meaning of right and wrong and have made joke of relations. Adding to his talks, he said that her hand didn’t shake when she tried to kill her sister. He asked Annapurna to take her back to room and make arrangements early in the morning to make her leave.

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He, further, told her that Lakshya will not keep any relation with her and added that he will consult a lawyer to get their divorce done. Lakshya agreed to his father and told Ragini that if she had revealed the truth then, maybe, they may have forgotten her sins rather lied again and again. She cried and before leaving she turned to apologize.

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On the other hand, Sanskar took Sumi’s hands into Shekhar’s and told Swara that what she wanted has been accomplished now. He revealed to everybody that her sole aim was to unite her mother an father. Sanskar added that he feel sorry but that was the only way to do things in right order and ready for any punishment.

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Swaragini 15th October 2015

Sujata said that he didn’t do anything wrong. She asked Durga to make ready their divorce papers too along with Lakshya and Ragini’s stuff. But, Durga Prasad replied heavily and said they have been already married and it isn’t worthwhile to make them divorce as it is not any joke.

Sujata cited that their marriage was force onto them as Ragini kidnapped Sumi to threaten Swara and Sanskar to get married. Her Dadi said that Ragini trapped her via motherly love. Durga Prasad replied that he can’t believe it. Dadi revealed one more thing that night Sanskar didn’t do anything wrong, it’s just Ragini herself who acted to make sure that Swara and Sanskar throw out of the house.

Shekhar shocked to her such things done by her mother. Sumi interrupted to make them stop from doing discussions just over the incidents so as to think what should be done next. She asked Dadi to stop crying and said that whatever she did was intetional. Dadi apologized oncea gain.

Swaragini 15th October 2015

Durga Prasad agreed with Sumi and asked everybody to stop discussing happened in the past. Sujata again asked for the divorce of Swara and Sanskar as they haven’t married with their will. Durga Prasad agreed with her talks and said that he will talk to the lawyer soon. Sanskar, Swara, and Lakshay looked at each other.

Swara asked Parineeta to try to forgive Adarsh to start their next phase of life. Then, she touched Sujata’s feet and to it Sujata replied that she is not upset with her and hugged her. Then, she touched Annapurna’s feet and got blessings from her and she congratulated for her win. Thereafter, she touched Durga Prasad’s feet. To it, Durga replied that the doors of this house will be always open for her and added that her honesty, truth, and belief has made them proud of her.

Then, Sanskar asked her to not to change ever. To which, she noded and smiled. Shekhar invited Swara and Sumi to get to their own. Sankar and Lakshya starred at Swara while she was leaving.

Swaragini 15th October 2015

Lakshya asked Sanskar to fix a meet with her to apologoze to her. Sanskar felt emotionally low. Then, Lakshya and Swara met somewhere and at time, he asked Swara if they can have relations once again after the divorce. Swara shocked to hear Laksh. Ragini was standing behind something and trying to hear their talks.

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