Kumkum Bhagya 15th October 2015: Sarla criticizes Pragya; Pragya falls in tears after listening it

Kumkum Bhagya 15th October 2015: Nikhil has entered the house to meet Tanu in personal, Nikhil holds the hand of Tanu forcefully; Tanu thought it was Abhi. Tanu was completely stunned to see him. Tanu advises him to go out of here as if someone will see them together, it would be a problem for them. Tanu took the promise of his child from him that he would not create unnecessary chaos in the house.

Kumkum Bhagya 16th Oct

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Pragya comes from behind, Tanu sees Pragya coming and start begging to Nikhil to go else Pragya could see them together. Pragya hasn’t seen Nikhil, Pragya comes and Tanu and starts teasing her and tell her that the nails were kept by Abhi to make her hurt. Tanu got bit jealous, Pragya gives her proof that Abhi have told her to come in the right side of the bed while he sleeps on the left side, Tanu was stunned.

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th October 2015

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Tanu tells that it’s a trick of Pragya to separate them. Pragya wants away, Mitali who was in behind the curtains asks about the person standing with her. Tanu said that she was alone, Mitali goes feared up thinking it to a ghost and runs away. Tanu calls Nikhil and confirm that he is out of the house, Nikhil thinks of something fishy in the house.

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Dadi enters in the restaurant where Purab, Pragya and Bulbul was waiting for them, Dadi told her about the incident in the car when they all are coming back. Tanu got too much provoked and tried to kill me, Pragya told everyone. Bulbul got a new idea of provoking Tanu over Abhi issue so that she would get separated from him. Bulbul says to do something which would hurt her baby and she would lose the respect in Abhi’s eyes. Pragya, Dadi and Purab denied of this idea as this would only harm the baby.

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Tanu comes to Abhi to complain of what Pragya was saying to him about in the room, Tanu says Abhi don’t love her anymore and called her on the right side of the bed to make her hurt. Abhi advocates by saying that she was in the left side which is her heart so he called her on the right side. Tanu does emotional blackmail that she will leave the house. Abhi tells her to stop cry, Pragya hears them and thinks the plan is going well.

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Kumkum Bhagya 15th October 2015

Sarla, Bulbul comes to the Pragya’s house for rehearsal, Sarla has decided to teach a lesson to Pragya. Pragya goes emotionally after seeing Sarla after so long time. Pragya tells everyone that they are here t do the rehearsal, Pragya tells Ronnie to check the arrangements. Aaliya tells everyone that she want to play the role of Sita, She starts showing her attitude. Pragya objects and told her to leave all this. Ronnie starts making fun of Aaliya. Aaliya shouted on him, Pragya told him to be quiet.

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Sarla comes to do the rehearsal of her lines, Sarla is playing the role of Mata Ansuyaa, in order to teach; Pragya a lesson. Sarla highlighted the role of a mother and wife and starts criticising Pragya indirectly. Pragya falls in tears.

Kumkum Bhagya 15th October 2015 episode ended. Stay tuned to get latest KB news.

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