MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner: Prince Narula and Anuki Won Sunny Leone’s Show After ‘Roadies X2’


MTV Splitsvilla 8 winner: We have just received an exclusive news from the Sunny Leone’s show which airs on MTV India on every weekend.

It’s for the fans of Anuki and Prince Narula. Can you guess what is it? Yes, they have won the 2015 title of Splitsvilla season 8 which Rannvijay Singh co-hosts.

watch: Bigg Boss season 9 12th October 2015.

Prince has been a very strong contender for the title since the inception of the eighth installment of the show. Recently, he successfully became the Splitsvilla’s king by dethroning Paras Chhabra.

MTV Splitsvilla 8 Winner

While, Anuki, who was considered as an underdog has claimed the title because of her good relations with Prince. The duo have snatched the trophy from the other competitors.

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Prince, the model, has won the reality show for the second time in a row after he claimed MTV Roadies X2. He belongs to Chandigarh but is a model and operates from Delhi.


On the other hand, Anuki is a model who is based in Georgia. She was considered as a dumb and the most disturbing contestants there.

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In the meantime, it is now known that Prince is one of the Bigg Boss 9 contestants. He was revealed as one of the participants for the ninth season of bigg boss during the opening ceremony / premiere of the show which took place on Sunday, October 11.

The buzz and speculations are not limited, rather, the people have started talking anything and everything. The general public considers him similar to BB8 winner Gautam Gulati.

If Prince wins the Bigg Boss 9 and emerges as its next winner, then he would create a record of winning back to back three awards.

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  1. And i Really Dont feel Anuki was Deserving! Nope man not at all. Did she performed? NO she did not! She has done nothing. Prince was deserving no doubt! he deserved to win. He is th Real Winner. I agree! But man his Anuki is not at all a deserving partner!
    The only Girl deserving to Win for me was Karishma Talwar! yess!! The king n d Queen deserved to win. PRINCE AND KARISHMA! They are the real winners.!

  2. Woooooo!!!
    I really wantd anuki n prince to win…
    N m vry hppy 4 dem… But karishma she is such a coward… Its really very gud dat shes been dethroned….

  3. I am happy to hear that prince and anuki won the show…But i want uttu and sana,they deserves to win

      • The moment I heard about the task, I was very sure prince would win. Breaking wooden box using hammer was meant for Prince to win. The show organizers very well know uttu is weak physically and prince would outperform him. This show is clearly scripted. They ensured Prince would win but Uttu and sana are real winners.

    • i to just hate them in entire show they are just useless…. they saved only for there love or else they never ever played entire the game

  4. ranvijay has done partiality with prince
    because he promised to prince in roadies x2 audition he will help him in his full life to move on

    • Yes bro you are absolutely correct ….. because of Rannvijay he came in SPLITSVILA-8 & the day onward he entered the show i was damn sure he will be the winner, who might be his partner…….it is a scripted entertainment show.

    • prince ki takkar ka koi tha hi nahi splittsvilla 8 main paras tha usea bhi usne uda diya ranvijay ne sirf prince ko roadies audition main select kiya agea khud prince apnea hard work se winner bana hai its time to win big boss drouble trouble

  5. Karsihma was a strong headed girl and deserved to win. She took all the flak from all and still remained strong, all through the journey of being a queen i think she took good decisions. Sunny leone although made the label of ‘revengeful queen’ too prominent which she could have avoided. Zaan was also faithful to karishma and both were deserving .I think Anuki nowhere deserves to win the show . She is sweet but not deserving at all.

  6. I wanted karishma talwar and zaan khan to win the show bcz they r the real winners they performed they stood together through out the show tilll the end though they were hated by the villa people I love them and I like there attitude They r the real performers and I don’t think anuki has the eligibility to become an ultimate Queen she is dumb but am OK with prince bcz he has performed and proved it….

  7. Anuki is not fit to win the show.she has broken the pure relationship of Prince and karishma.she is a big lier and fake person.

  8. Congradulations Anuki and Prince. But I really wanted Uttu n Sana or Karishma and Zaan to win coz Anuki is a weak player i think. She has just won because of Prince it seems but still congo………….. Better luck next time Uttu and Sana and Karishma and Zaan………… Zaan is a really strong player. Subuhi and Ishant love u guys tooooooooo

  9. anuki was nt deservng to won d shw..i realy wanted karishma to win….she is deservng…n i realy dnt fel dat she is fake…

  10. Because of Rannvijay, Prince Narula came in SPLITSVILA-8 & the day onward he entered the show it was clear that he will be the winner, who might be his partner………..So guyz just enjoy the show, it is scripted.

  11. Paras is ruthless nd ultimate king ………nd subuhi wickwd quenn of splitsvilla foreever……..prince played well “yess its r8 he desrve to win but Anukhi OHHH MAN ITS Tottaly funny like a pogo tv show

  12. oh plz anuki no way ……she is fake what the hell wit this show ……karishma hi desrve h splitsvilla winner k lie …..

  13. prince love u bro u deserves to be winner of splittsvilla 8 aacha tapad mara hai moti karishma ko pata chal gaya usko apni aukad ka tumne queen banay kaise udh rahi thi winner banea ka sapna dekhna lag gayi sahi aukad dikhayi uss moti,bhensi ko


  15. Exact!…even i too thought that the winner of splitsvilla 8 would be prince and karishma cux…they were deserving it!…
    But it was fully reversal …

  16. According to me prince deserving to win this show but the mistake of karishma and prince were both equal anuki is not deserving to won karishma should won that show and plz its a humble request to ranvijay sir the players like yash, subhui dont take in splitsvilla becauze they are big lier….

  17. Subuhi is just fake fake girl…she is the reason why all friendship between people in splitsvilla broke..drama girl she is nothing else, karishma and zaan were the people deserved to win..and btw prince is in love with anuki which he expressed in dumping ground then why its written about him in bigboss 9 that he is not dating anyone…For me karishma and zaan are winner…love u guys

  18. finally prince won but i also would like to say that karishma is best winner for spitsvilla 8 not anuki because she didn’t perform any task thats why i relly desapointed..

  19. you deserved to win and you made it.
    love you prince .i am happy for u and i know that also win the bb9.

  20. wow…! i love u prince you are the man …karishma is a coward she should go play honky donky nt splitsvilla. 🙂

  21. Subhuhi tu sirf fake hai…i hate u from my heart….tune karishma aur prince ka relationship thoda teresat tho yahi honata…badme jo finalist taskme teri aukad dikadi na karishma ne tuje…tuje sirf badi badi bathe karniatihai…..anuki tu pehle achese hindi sikle kuch kartho skti nahi…i am very happy for prince..nd also love u zaan nd karishma

  22. Your Comment.

    I really wantd to karishma nd prince win dis show..but also there is a destiny behind it….prince nd krishma I really lv u both..frm the bottom of my heart

  23. I m ok with prince bt zaan khan nd krishma should win the show i like thm vry much nd i hate subuhi…..fake girl

  24. Utkarsh n sana would win bcz they were the most lovey connection of splitsvilla……… the way…..prince was deserving but anuki was not at all deserving she’z a big shit….stupid…

  25. Karishma aur zaan hi winner hai but i am also happy 4 prince lekin vo anukhi…. behen tere ko to best audience ka award dena chaiya , kuch kiya to tune tha nahi ban gayi winner of splitsvilla 8

  26. Karishma I love you yrrr…you are deserve to be win..
    Anuki!! Bna kuchh kiye winner wht th…koi bi pair jeet jata but i dnt wnt anuki to be win
    Sana uttu i love uuuu..ur the cutest couple everrrr in the splitsvilla
    But i seriously want to win karishma and zaan <3

  27. I think Zaan Khan n Subuhi is the real winner of splitsvilla 8 they both r. Mind. blowing game planner . ZAAN i m ur biggest fan n Subuhii luvvvvv u. . Heads of to u guyzzzzz

  28. I really wanted Karishma and Zaan to win. They deserved to be the winner. I admire their efforts. Hat’s off to you guys. For me you are the winner.

  29. I wish this is not true! C’mon anuki?? What has she done in the whole season?? Only because of her good connctn with prince…she was absolutely worthless…..
    The only winner can n karishma…she deserved it man! I love everything abt her..the headstrong girl of season 8 …the true winner….if this news is true..karishma don’t b sad..u hv lots of talent n u r the bst performer….I guess prince won because he was the best performer n there was truly no one that powerful to challenge him…ok fine he got wat he deservd
    But wat abt karishma….go to hell splitzvilla…its all got up …i guess anuki bribed mtv or wat….

  30. Your Comment
    krishma I love u yr.. You are deserve to be win
    N I hate subhuhi fake girl.. I really wanted to krishma n zaan win this show.. Zaan n krishma i really luv u so much.. Anuki is a dmboo n coward .. Anuki bhout bdi looser h…
    Krishma you r real deserve to win and zaan luv u guyz…

  31. I will enter in splits villa but not by begging… I will earn it to enter in splits villa ..not matter I will win or not but I do blast and I will chng splitsvilla into hot villa …wait n watch

  32. It’s nice to hear that my fav. Couple prince and anuki has won the splitsvila 8.. Congrts Guys. I lov u anuki

  33. It’$ nice that prince nd anukhi win bt i want to be win uttu nd sana … Truely inspirational nd deserving they both are …..

  34. zaan and sububi would have grabbed the victory if they would have stayed together! but karishma is also good! and what.i say abt zaan he is the best!!!!

  35. Prince deserves to win this show… but anuki!! she is a shitt man… I heartly wanted karishma n zaan to win dis show coz thy r d real players..

  36. Karishma is very tough competitor .zaan tha best har tarah se. Prince to apni kismat or chaalaki se jeet ta hai hmesha .

  37. prince is the best . he won every tasks in splitsvilla that is why he won splitsvilla . he is very strong.✌✌✌

  38. Prince bro luv u cngrtx fr wining 2 titles back to back its tym fr the halla in bb9 ppzzz yh bhi jeety kishweer ki batyn m mat aoo then gautum gulati ki trhn tumbhi hero hoge aur jeeto ge bhi bs use ur own mind man then tumko jetne se swae Allah ke koe ni nhi rok skta jst leave kishwer if u want to be winnner of bb9 and third titile

  39. i really want to win uttu and sana they were too good and cutest couple in the villa and karishma talvar go to hell moti bhesi saali damfash thohthi hai kuch kar nahi paye moti sali cowherd saali buffaloo

  40. i love prince and anukhi u r deserving and karishma u first go to play group and learn first to speak then come to spliztvilla

  41. For me uttu and sana are REAL deserving winners and i hate that Anuki…………………MAIN KABHI NAHI IMAGINE KAR SAKTI THI THAT SHE WILL BE THE WINNER!!!!She had nt performed at all…!!!!! FEELING CRAZY AFTER THE RESULTS.

  42. Your Comment
    m really disappointed by d results
    how anuki can win ? its like hell she is not deserving…
    for me zaan n karishma yu both r d real winner….
    i love you zaan n karishma 🙂
    n anuki you r d biggest dumb i Eva seen :/

    • feels like shit anukhi is a dumb ass did she performed any task ? no then how she wins.I hate dis season I hate that book of fortune just throw that book away fukn book.if book of fortune is not in the show the winning couples turned as loosing couple’s the real winners are zaan and karishma for me zaan n karishma are the winners.guys remember one thing while u were watching the show it’s pre scripted

  43. well done prince!!! u are true performer. 1st Roadies. 2nd splitsvilla… give h hatric and win the BIG BOSS.. what a performer man!!!!!!

  44. nope Sana and uttu are real winner for me cz o pehale day se sath hai and they are true lover in villa …..miss u guys ..

  45. I knew it . Prince you prove that Prince ek hi hota hai air wo tum hi ho. nobody can beat you in any task .you are the real and deserving person to win splitsvilla 8 .I am really very happy for you .congratulations Prince ?

  46. ONLY UTTU N SANA deserved to be winner of the show, baki sab ki jodiya to bani aur tut gayi. Aaye the ek k saath, perform kiya dusre k saath aur dropout hue tisre k saath. But UTTU N SANA, they remained with eachother throughout the show….♥♥♥♥Love u both UTTU N SANA a lot♥♥♥♥ Stay together forever guys.

  47. KarishMA aur Zaan the real wiNner hai..,….
    I loooove u guYS nd dntwry guys u R the real winner 4 me
    N u d dramabaaj girl subhui kamini teri liye prince aur karishma ka cnctn tut gaya !!! Pehele tu kaisi hai apne apko judge kar le dn karishma ko judge karna… K&k

  48. LovvvvEE U a lot #Prince N u desrved it man but Anuki dsRVD nehi karti hai jo ladki ek task achi tara se nehi kar sakti wo ban gayi queen…!!!
    realY such a funNNNy yaaar… U r d dumb girl n karishma is d BESSSSTTTTTT GIRL, N A REALLL QUEEN IN THIS SEASON

  49. Anuki the dumbo…I don’t lyk this girl .but I’m happy for prince… And I thought that karishma deserves to be a winner… Oh lyk to see karishma and prince together.

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