Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st April 2016: Bindusara Abolishes Yuvraj Post

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st April 2016

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st April 2016The episode started as Ashoka confronted his father and asked him about his trust in him. He gave him a chance to explain his stance when no one believed him. Whatever he did before leaving for Takshila he believed him all the time.

Ashoka asked him why his faith on him disappeared. Was it his crime that he chose to end Das tradition? The truth was his every decision was based on thinking what he and Acharya Chanakya would have done or told him to do in any particular situation. He agreed that he got emotional and made the announcement.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st April 2016

But that was clear that it would be final only after his last words. He took that decision for the sake of citizens. He never imagined that his words would be twisted before you and would make him fall in his eyes. He mistrusted Ashoka when Kaurvaki asked what was in his heart. He sent him away.

The letter was fake, yet he didn’t not believe him. He said he would have never become Yuvraj if he knew what it would cost him. Even a kid of Magadh understood his love and dedication for his motherland. Sushim intervened. He was Magadh’s Samrat before his father.

Ashoka demanded an explanation from Bindu. Bindu held his hand angrily. Enough! Don’t think that he would get sympathy be saying that. Your thoughts had become so weak. Dharma tried to say something, but Bindu told her not to intervene.

Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 21st April 2016

Magadh’s Samrat was talking to Magadh’s Yuvraj. He said he broke all the limits, rules, etiquettes. Kaurvaki came to lecture him. He had to be embarrassed before everyone because of his fight with Sushim. Bindu asked did he attack Jagannath. Ashoka confirmed that he did. Giving him rights was like giving the wrong person a stone.


Bindu thought of removing Ashoka from Yuvraj’s position. Sushim, Charu, and Mahamatya were happy. He said he would decide about Yuvraj on his death bed as who to make Samrat after him. He walked out of the courtroom. Sushim glared at Ashoka. They both look at the throne.

Shubhrasi went to Bindu’s room. She requested him to have a Ramayana path tomorrow onwards. He agreed.

Sushim was irked with his mother for trusting tantric. He said so much, but nothing happened. He would stay the same thing. Sushim greeted him. No one would be made Yuvraj then as per his father’s orders. Tantric remarked that how max people back down when something went wrong.

Did he think he would become Yuvraj when he came here for the first time? Sushim denied. Tantric asked about the situation then. Didn’t he realize how the situation turned against him? Sushim said he never gave up. He feared that his father might announce Ashoka as his heir. Tantric said Ashoka won’t be there for so long. He was only a guest of few days in patliputra. He would see his downfall soon. Sushim was curious. Tantric said time would tell.

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