D4 Get Up And Dance 9th March 2016 Wednesday Episode Update Channel V

D4 Get Up And Dance 9th March 2016
D4 Get Up And Dance 9th March 2016

D4 Get Up And Dance 9th March 2016: The starting of today’s part showed where Baby told Sonam and Amar that she will let Ria know about her resignation. Sonam said to her to tell at the earliest. Baby entered to confront Mikhail, but left after wishing morning. But, he stopped her and asked to come with him. Then, he asked her to sit on his bike. Sonam and Amar witnessed her going with him. Sonam said that the class would be at 10. (watch: D4 Get Up and Dance all episodes.)

On their way, Baby felt the ride romantic and put her hand over his shoulder. They arrived at a cafe and music was being played in the background. The waiter came and asked for order. Then, Mikhail asked her how she copied her dance steps. She told that she did via internet videos. Further, they had continuous disscusion over the same topic. Then, he asked why did she come to the academy? She replied that for a summer job.

D4 Get Up And Dance 9th March 2016

The discussion continued and he asked her what she feels watching the dance. After a moment, she told him that she loves it and want to dance as he asked her. Background music playing continuously. Baby looked at him happily while he went to attend the phone call. Both of them returned to the academy where Ria scolded both of them for being late. Mikhail told Ria to chill but she asked to confirm it again and the reason for coming late. He reminded her to leave someone to come to him, but she shut him up. (watch: Kumkum Bhagya.)

Mikhail rejected one more girl during the audition. Ajay told Baby to go through the list prepared by him once. Sonam dragged Baby out to which she said that she could’t tell Ria. Then, Sonam asked where both of them went. In short, Baby told nothing and send her out. Ria again asked Mikhail if there is anything wrong as yesterday he made everyone to repeat three times while today he didn’t let anyone dance. Other people were doing their work while he was still lost in Baby and her replies.

D4 Get Up And Dance 9th March 2016

Nervous Sapan came out as called by Baby. She did some difficult steps. Ria and Maddy approved her. Mikhail thanked her. Sapna was asked to wait for a moment. Ria wanted to shortlist her, but Mikhail said that she hasn’t any interest in dancing. Maddy supported Ria’s thinking. Thus, he allowed Ria to take her in. Maddy asked her if she can stay as she might be called for finals. She agreed. Sapna’s mother scolded her for missing out some dance moves. Baby told Ria that the auditions for Anneli are over now and the list will be forwarded tomorrow for the day’s audition. Mikhail after looking at Baby who in turn look at him and smiled.

Ria told that work on Aneeli’s training can be done now. Mikhail asked for everybody’s auditions once again in the academy. They said that they have the best ones. But, Mikhail told that everyone and not just the students. They argued with him. Then, he asked everybody the reason for questioning them so much.

D4 Get Up And Dance 9th March 2016

Baby got a phone call from her mother. She told her to reach home as soon as possible. Baby asked her mother to give him a big hug. Then, she went on to look for Sonam and Amar. Both of them were getting angry. Baby told Sonam to pick her luggage from the home itself. Sonam said that she wanted to change the dress.

At home, Amar asked Kamini about their whereabouts and if the flight has landed or not. However, there were no signals on the pone. Sonam packed her stuff and left with Amar. Amar’s phone rang and told them that he is at home. When they saw some car entering inside the house, he took his scooty behind. Baby’s father came.

Back at the academy, Mikhail was waiting for everybody to come. Then, he told them to leave to which Ria questioned him. But he stopped her and asked for Vicky. Ria told him not to shout at her there as he gathered everyone there. He asked about Baby and why she wasn’t there. Ria gave up the conversation. He asked her to Baby’s audition as he told them all that he had seen her dance while drinking on Mai B Mikhail.

D4 Get Up And Dance 9th March 2016

Precap: Ria told Baby that Mikhail wanted her audition for Aneeli. Baby told her that she can’t do it as she is going to leave the job.

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