Kumkum Bhagya 9th March 2016 Episode

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Kumkum Bhagya new episode is out. Tanu pushes Sarla down the stairs and Aaliya saved Sarla. See what happened next in this new episode.
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The episode begins with Abhi scolding Aaliya for trying to kill Sarla. Pragya stops him and says she saved Sarla and Rachna, Taya ji, Tayi ji also support Pragya. Aaliya asks them to stop and says she has come to give something which might actually be important to them as she has seen them outside.
She says it’s better to be a thief than a murderer and leaves. Pragya sees them and says they are very important and Aaliya says she is not good and leaves. Pragya asks Sarla not to worry and Rachna says it was my mistake to take her out and Pragya says your intentions were good and wonders who might be doing this. She sees someone hearing them and finds Mitali.

Kumkum Bhagya Wednesday Episode

Tanu scolds Aaliya for saving Sarla and Alliya asks her to shut up. Tanu asks why did she save her and Aaliya says she asked Tanu about the concert details and you ignored me and I came to get those and found Sarla about to fall and stopped her. Dadi asks Mitali why is she doing this and Pragya asks Mitali did she push

Dadi asks Mitali why is she doing this and Pragya asks Mitali did she push Sarla? Mitali says no and says she is here to get help from Dadi about her marriage and says she will never forgive Pragya’s doings and says she is looking to take revenge on Pragya but not on Sarla. Pragya left her husband and says she doesn’t understand Mitali’s feelings. She requests Dadi to help and Dadi says she will manage. Akash meets Purab and Purab tells Ronni that Akash will manage concert arrangements.


Purab tells him about the trap to catch Tanu’s boyfriend and Akash hopes that Aaliya doesn’t screw this up and thinks not to tell her and handle this.

Pragya sees Abhi sad and asks him why is he like that. She says he must be happy as his sister saved her mum today. He says you won’t understand a thing of sister and says you don’t have one so you won’t get it. Pragya feels low and thinks of Bulbul and feels sad. Abhi sees her and tries to cheer her up and says I am planning to start the concert with these songs.

He says she will kick start with a happy song and explains her his list of songs with meaning. He says he will do something special like dance and asks her to help him. She refuses and falls in his arms and a song plays. Main Tujhe Ishq Karne Ki. They have a romantic eye lock.

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