Dangal Special Screening: Aamir Khan invites Salman to watch #Dangal

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Dangal Special Screening: Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan had invited the king of Bollywood Salman Khan to watch Dangal special screening. Salman and Aamir films had just rocked the figures of box office in India and overseas as well. PK of Aamir and Bajrangi Bhaijaan of Salman had just not rocked the box office but also proved themselves as an asset for India with overseas earnings.

Being close to each other and the most experienced actors in the entire industry it’s necessary to have each other’s advice before coming out with a new film. Because of the same, usually superstars decide the dates of release 9-12 months before the official release. Its necessary to make sure nobody will loose the business on BO.

Its very known fact of the industry that all three Khans of bollywood always lead the box office. As SRK might not have as much good connection with Aamir, he might had chosen Salman as a better option. The special screening of Dangal for Salman Khan will have family members of both families. Its also expected that cross movie promotion could be signified on the same day.

Dangal special screening

Salman may take help of his reality show Bigg Boss 10, which is currently the most loved TV reality show in entire country. The duo can reach the next levels if a common understanding drawn among them. However, Aamir had denied the connection of Dangal and Bigg Boss, but its quite obvious that if trailer is going to be played, cross promotion is an easy thing.


Talking to the press about their recent interaction and featuring in the weekend episode of Bigg Boss 10, he stated that“I am not going on television to promote the film. We will have the trailer and promo of our film (play at the show). I am sure he (Salman) loves to promote my film. Even I love to promote his film. I am dying to show Salman the movie as well.”

Dangal special screening

Earlier many movies were promoted in Bigg Boss episodes. Colors TV producers adopt an ideology of having the stars on weekends so that the cross promotions could reach the peak level wherever possible. Earlier Aamir Khan’s film Dhoom 3 had also got space in the TV reality show and its more like continuing the partnership.

According to the reports from sources, Salman had shown his willingness to watch the film and Aamir is currently making the possible arrangements for the special screening of Dangal for bhai of bollywood. So far, Dangal had received extraordinary response from audience.

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