Deadpool Hindi Movie Review and Rating: Review after counting Censor Board restrictions

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Deadpool Movie Review

On an overall prospection, we can say for Deadpool Review: An epitome of self-deprecating humor. That is what I would call “Deadpool”. “Deadpool” released in theaters on twelve February and became an instant hit among every class of audience alike. Marvel fanboys like me were relieved to see Deadpool finally getting the movie he deserved after the character was completely destroyed in “X-Men Origins: Wolverine”.

Even after getting seven cuts from the Indian Censor Board accompanied by an “A” certificate (Thanks to Pahlaj Nihalani. He is one of those kids from school who sucked up to the teacher in order to get better grades), the Indian audience got to see the very much loved “merc with a mouth” in full glory. Although, we would’ve loved it more if there were no cuts. Tim Miller, who made his directorial debut with this movie has certainly left his mark, giving “Kick-Ass” fame Matthew Vaughn a run for his money.

The movie is a wild ride from the credits itself, with calling the director an “overpaid tool’ and producers “asshats”. The credits mentioned none of the team with their names. Instead, they were given hilarious names and they even taunted Green Lantern in the brief scene.

The movie is about a mercenary named Wade Wilson who lives in New York City making money by pulling off missions like protecting teenage girls from would-be stalkers. He meets Vannesa, an escort at his best friend Weasel’s bar, whom he falls in love with. They decide to marry each other but a bad thing is supposed to happen to the hero, so we come to know that Wade is suffering from last stage cancer. He is approached by a recruiter from a secret program, who offers him a cure through experimental procedures which would also give him superhuman powers.

He agrees to undergo the procedure due to his desperation to live. He meets the handler of the experimentation facility, Francis, who is also the prime villain of the movie. He gets cured due to mutation, which makes him effectively immortal but disfigures his face and skin in the process. Wade now sets out in search of Francis to get his face and skin fixed, so that he can face Vannesa. He dons the mask and name of Deadpool on Weasel’s advice. In his pursuit to get hold of Francis, he his interrupted by Colossus and his trainee, who want him to join the X-Men. Endless action and comedy follow the story, which would render the audience unable to even turn their heads once during the movie.

I’ll leave the climax for you to see but I’d like to tell you to watch out for the clues for future events in the movie. I also suspect that the final fight takes place on the wreckage of one the help carriers from “Captain America: The Winter Soldier”. And do not miss the post-credit scenes. Watch the movie and then come back to this article to comment.

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