Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th November 2015 Tuesday Episode – Star Plus

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th November 2015: DABH latest episode is out. This Tuesday, it’s all about Sandhya managing the house. Did she succeed in making it out and make Bhabho make to the Abroad. Or Did she fail in making Bhabho by maintaining the house? Take a look. (watch: Dia Aur Bati Hum last episode.)
The episode begins with Bhabho asking Sandhya to make lunch and even asks her to make solid card tied in the cloth. Sandhya is shocked after hearing that and thinks that she doesn’t know how to make solid curd. Babasa tries to help her and tries to go to the kitchen. But Sandhya stops him and Bhabho says that Meenakshi is my spy and she will see if Babasa helps her out. Babasa says that he is going to get some water and Bhabho leaves for shopping. He tries to sign Sandhya and Meenakshi looks at them some yoga is going on so much today. He turns his head upside down and screams. Sandhya and Meenakshi rush to him. He says La Ma. Meenakshi says anyone would say Ah. Uh… in pain, But you are saying La. Sandhya understands that Lalima can help her, but family can’t.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th November 2015

Mohit comes to Lalima’s sweet shop and calls her clever. He blackmails her and asks her %s. 50000/-. He says that he has that video even now and is he shows her to Rathi Family, they will just spit on her  face. Lalima slaps him and says how can you be the brother of Sooraj. Ved asks Sandhya where is she going? She says she is going to Lalima’s sweet shop and by that time, Mohit leaves. She comes there and asks how to make solid curd for Shrikhand. Lalima smiles and thinks of helping her.

She gets a cloth and card and shows her. Sandhya picks the phone and takes the order and tries to help Lalima in packing Jalebi. Lalima sees her packing Jalebi and asks what is she doing. Sandhya says she is packing Jalebi and Lalima says Jali is weighed in kgs and not in numbers. She says sorry and says she gets confused and used to do like this in Sooraj’s shop too. Emily taunts Mohit and Mohit see himself in a plate and thinks Lalima’s slap. Sooraj is worried about Sandhya and says that if shopping is done, I will leave. Bhabho knows that he wants to help her out and ask him to get candles.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th November 2015
Mohit thinks Lalima has to regret her doings. Sandhya is happy as everything is set before 4 p.m. She dies some clothes and kids come home and ask for food. Sandhya goes to make some popcorn and she and Meenakshi fall as they walk on moving stones. All the popcorn fall son the floor and Sooraj arrives at the scene and is shocked seeing this. He Babasa Meenakshi are all cleaning the mess before Bhabho arrives. Bhabho and Emily are shocked to see the home clean.
Everyone sit work and kids study. Meenakshi tries to say Bhabho and Babasa control her. Sandhy asks Bhabho to take a look at her work. She says she has washed clothes and make machine clean too. She says she even lit diya for evening too. Babasa got his tea too. She says she was making Baati for Diwali Diyas. Bhabho sees the cupboard and opens it and sees everything fall over. Now everyone is tensed.
Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th November 2015