Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2015 Tuesday Episode – Star Plus

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2015: YHM Tuesday episode has unlocked a lot of secrets for us. Make sure you go through each and every line to get a clear idea behind the complete drama. You will also see the culprits behind the entire play. So take a look. (watch: YHM last episode.)

The episode begins with Ishita revealing the plan details about Ashok’s secret helper in he house. Ishita says that she is acting like Shagun to know the one who is helping out Ashok. She says That Abhishek is helping out and Prateek is also a part of the plan. Abhishek says he needs a proof to arrest Ashok and that something is present in the house. She says that everything planned and they wanted us to act like that, so we did.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2015

Shagun says that she has sent a video to show her fake death and Raman, Mihir, and Ishita arrive there to save her. They stop her and go to terrace again. Then they acted as if they were fighting and suddenly Shagun jumps from the 6th floor and Abhishek puts a net on the 5th floor and gets hold of her. He doesn’t allow anyone to see down and immediately takes a fake body to the hospital. He burns off the fake body and does the final rites to it. FB ends. (see: All Episodes of Ye Hai Mohabatein.)

Ishita says that they have killed Shagun only for the world and she saved her to rescue Raman. Shagun’s heart broke with Ashok’s plan so she decided to take a stand and save her family as Ishita. Ishita says that they have started this drama the same night Shagun tested her and she goes to Kitchen and gives some space for Shagun. SHagn enters the home that way.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2015

FB shows that ishita asking Shagun to take a sit and disappear as soon as Raman comes in there. Raman sees Shagun and Ishita act like she’s fainting and suddenly Raman turns Shagun flies away from there. It was a perfect plan to make Raman believe that Ishita is possessed. But Raman was not accepting. So Ishita has gone ahead and scared Sarika. She shouted in her room and when someone arrived she used to stay silent. Just like all books, she even acted as is she was scared of God.

Shagun then says later we have started phase 2 which was quite an opposite and also tough, But somehow Ishita pulled it off as she has to do Shagun’s mannerisms and behavior. She even had to talk to Ashok and Shagun revealed few personal words to Ishita to talk to Ashok and Ashok was convinced with the secrets. Shagun says Ishita is a good woman and has never hurt anyone in her life. Ishita says I have hurt my family to save them and even scolded Mrs. Bhalla, Amma and also Sarika.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 10th November 2015

She says she even scared Ruhi’s friends too. Shagun says they are your kids, they can understand when you explain them. Prateek asks about Sindoor turning black. Ishita says she knew that Amma would be acting like this after seeing her behavior. So she kept an eye and understood that she has kept a Sindoor box under her pillow. So she asked Abhishek to exchange it with a powder box so that Amma can think that she is possessed. She says I wonder how still people behave in ghosts even in this age. Amma is illiterate and she believed this, but we have a bigger battle to finish.