Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st October 2015 Wednesday Episode Star Plus


Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st October 2015: DABH Wednesday Episode is out. The drama heats up as Sooraj is yet to make his decision. Tension awaits in everyone and to you will be shocked for sure in this episode with Sooraj’s doing. Lalima or Sandhya whom did Sooraj pick as his life partner? Well, take a look at all the drama down below.

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Diya Aur Baati Hum Latest Episode

The episode begins Sooraj reminding Bhabho’s words. Finally finishes off the pooja and gives Aarti to all. She even gives it to Sandhya and she feels glad. Bahabho says did Sooraj make his decision and he says yes. Sooraj picks up the garland and comes towards Sandhya moves away from her and rolls in over Lalima’s shoulders. Everyone is shocked to see Sooraj doing that. swaragini.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st October 2015

But now Sooraj speaks out that he is just like a slave to a goddess who has brought him back to life. he says he can;t make the God his wife since he already has Sandhya in his heart. He apologises to her by holding her hands and says that my heart and soul goes to Sandhya as she is is the one whom I remember the most. (read: Kanche review.)

Lalima collapses in tears and says Sandhya is your wife and tries to leave the house. Bhabho stops her and Meenakshi thinks that some new plot is ready t o begin. Bhabho says that how can he do that since she was the one who has taken care of him for 6 months just like a new born baby. Sooraj tries to explain Bhabho, but she stops him saying that you can’t go after Sandhya who has left you and also us to death h and went with her decision. (see: kumkum bhagya).

Sooraj, you have said your decision but my decision would be that Lalima would be the elder Bahu of this family no matter what you say. Sooraj goes to Lalima and says that Sandhya was the one who moved him and made him to the one who he is at the moment. Sandhya is responsible for everything, Sooraj says and he concludes saying that there’s only one for me and it is Sandhya. (share: Dussehra greetings.)

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st October 2015

Sandhya rolls down in tears after hearing out Bhabho’s words.  Even Lokesh questions Sooraj on his doing as Lalima has even overthrown the societies bad words and took care of him. How can he do that to Laima? says Lokesh. Sandhya approaches Bhabho and apologises holding her hands. She even bends down and holds her feet and asks her to bless her at least once. (check: Bruce lee collections.)

Bhabho steps away from her and says why would I bless you? If I do that you would do whatever you feel justice and you won’t think about Sooraj and the Family. Sandhya apologises for doing that and says sorry with tears rolling out of her eyes. But Bhabho says Lalilma can only be the leader Bhau of this family. (watch: Hate Story 3 trailer.)

Bhabho makes Sandhya get up and says I won’t be blessing you since you want people’s salutes and you do what you feel it is right. You always stood for truth and you tell me what’s right  and what is wrong too. Bhabho asks Vikram to go inside and get the Laptop. Sandhya is shocked to see that thing in the Laptop. (share: Dussehra Images.)

Diya Aur Baati Hum 21st October 2015

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