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Swaragini 21st October 2015: Today’s episode started with Swara while she was telling Dadi that they have already planned everything and now just completing the formality by telling her. Dadi asked her to listen before saying anything. She said that true relations are only which stands by you when need them most. Like them her and Sanskar’s relation. Dadi added that only Sanskar believed her when everyone else didn’t.

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Dadi told her that her relation with Sanskar seems to be blessed by god. Shekhar also agreed with her and added that some relations are made on earth while some by god. Then, Swara recalled both the moments when Lakshya asked her for the marriage and Sanskar confessed his love. She walked away apologizing and saying that she can’t bear any more of it. Dadi wondered about her worry and thought what had happened to her. (share: Dussehra wallpapers.)

Swaragini 21st October 2015

Sanskar told Lakshya that Swara don’t love him. Lakshya also told him that he knew about her feelings and wanted to know his too. He reminded him that once he confessed his love towards her in a drunkard state. Sanskar replied positively and added that he was drunk and was a lie played to unfold Ragini’s reality to everyone.

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Lakshya reconfirmed to him. Sanskar again said yes and Lakshya got happier and said that no one can stop them from reuniting. Sanskar added that Swara said in other way. Lakshya added that Swara still loves him. He thought that they will reunite one day. Lakshay hugged Sanskar and said that he got happier. But, Sanskar got teary and recalled her. Parineeta informed them about the lawyer’s visit. Lakshya told him that it is going to be fine. Swaragini 21st October 2015 Written Update Watch Online.

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Lawyer gave the papers to Lakshya to sign and he did. Sanskar too asked about the same. Sujata got happy hearing this. As he was about to sign the divorce papers given by the lawyer, Durga Prasad stopped him. Lakshya got shocked. Sujata told Durga Prasad that Sanskar asked about the papers himself. But, Durga Prasad replied that he said to talk to him before it. Sanskar looked on and asked about the situation.

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Swaragini 21st October 2015

On the other hand, Swara asked her mother about the condition. Sumi replied that she has to talk to her to keep her marriage alive with Sanskar. Sumi asked about her heart feelings. Swara shockingly replied that she don’t want to continue with this marriage. Sumi replied and asked her to think about Sanskar before making any decision. Swara replied that she don’t know him and that’s the reason to end this relation.

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In the Maheshwari house, Annapurna told Sanskar that Ragini and Lakshya will be divorced for sure, but he should try to give a chance to his married life. But, Sanskar refused after looking at Lakshya. Sujata interrupted and said he is not interested and thus matter ends here. Annapurna reminded her that he said that he loves Swara while in a drunken state. Lakshya interrupted and said that he was drunk at that moment. Durga Prasad stopped Lakshya from talking anymore and said that the talks are going on with Sanskar only. But he replied that he wanted to divorce. However, he asked if she wanted to continue this marriage.

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In another frame, Sumi told her daughter that one’s life witnesses many people who are ready to broke their relations just because of some accusations, but oneself witnesses very few persons who lives up to the expectations higher than expected. Swara did accept that Sanskar can be an ideal husband, but still she asked about the divorce to end up this relationship. (read: Raju Gari Gadhi review.)

Swaragini 21st October 2015

Sumi said okay and your relation wouldn’t continue until you both agrees for it. Durga Prasad tricked and asked him what if Swara agrees to live with him and asked about his reaction. Sanskar tried to walk away, but Lakshya stopped him. Sanskar asked all of them to let him leave alone for some time. Sujata asked Durga Prasad the reason for doing so. She replied that he confused him. (watch: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.)

But, Durga Prasad replied that his decision worth them most. Sujata replied that they also are not doing anything wrong and these are the results of Ragini’s wrong doings and further added that they should do preparation for the marriage of Lakshya and Swara. Durga Prasad got angry and said that Swara and Sanskar should give at least some of their time for this relationship show He further added that marriage is not a game. Lakshya looked shocking. (see: Diya Aur Baati Hum.)

Swara reminded the thought and words of Dadi and Sumi. Just after that, he phone rang, but she disconnected the call. Then, he asked entry again. Swara picked the call. Further, Lakshya added that she need to talk to her about the divorce. Swara said that she don’t want to talk and disconnected the call. Ragini heard her and came inside her room and picked the phone and then called Lakshya. After picking up the call, Lakshya said that he knew she will call him back. On the other hand, Ragini replied that she is Ragini speaking.

Swaragini 21st October 2015

Lakshya asked how dare she picked Swara’s phone. Ragini replied that she wanted to do penance. Lakshya replied that he will fall in her trap again and will throw her out and bring Swara in his life. He emphasized the Swara belongs to him and will always be. Ragini cried.

Durga Prasad asked Swara that how can they accept Ragini once again in their lives. Annapurna added that Lakshya will not let her in, in his life. Ragini pushed Swara and held electricity wire by her hand.

Swaragini 21st October 2015 episode ended. Stay tuned for latest news.

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