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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd October 2015This new episode of DABH is all about Sandhya reaching a prime time in her mission, Mahabali. She gets caught and Sooraj finds her. What happened between these two at the unknown land. Did Sooraj succeed in freeing Sandhya? Take a look. This new episode is much more exciting and gives a thrilling experience to all viewers. So we have brought you Friday’s written episode update so that you can also give a read about the complete article.

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 5th October 2015 Monday Episode

The episode begins with Sandhya and Sooraj talking to each other. Sooraj in tears seeing the state of Sandhya and says that he will somehow get her out. Sandhya says not to do any reckless things and says she is on her mission and will somehow finish off her mission. Some men see Sooraj and ask why did he come here. Sooraj says that to make sweets for the event and so they ask him to prepare for the celebration. He says that he is coming and rushed back to Sandhya.

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Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd October 2015

Sandhya too asks Sooraj about his whereabouts and many more things. Sooraj says that he is here as a halwai, Bharat gave him permission and he is also planning to take down the village with an army. Sandhya feels relieved after  hearing this and says that now our country will be safe and then Diya and Baati Theme plays…

Sandhya thinks of a plot to keep the whole village to sleep. She reveals her plan to Sooraj and then Sooraj is ready to keep that mission on the go. Chote Raja comes there and Sooraj become alert and disappears from that place.


Shekar comes to the Commander saying that Bharat Kapoor was shell shocked and they knew the Oct 2nd plot too. Since we have Sandhya, it became difficult for them to stop us. He also did fool them with the peace prosal too and makes them busy. The Commander appreciates Shekar and says that only festival is left and the men shouldn; ‘t know about the blast.

Diya Aur Baati Hum 2nd October 2015

Sooraj prepares sweets and goes out for a while. He then sees an electrician meddling with some lights o ver the ladder. Sooraj says that he will help and gets onto the ladder to talk to Sandhya. He gives her Samosa and Jilebi. Sandhya fills in her stomach and coughs. Sooraj tries to give her the water bottle but it gets stuck and Sooraj has to get down without giving it to Sandhya. He feels sorry for her and decides that he will also not drink water until and unless he sees Sandhya smiling and walking out freely with him.

Sooraj is acting like an electrician on the ladder and then some Gajaraja men approaching. They come and ask him to go and prepare sweets at the earliest. Sooraj decides that he will free Sandhya tonight no matter what and is ready to implement his plan. Bharat goes off somewhere, while Shekhar fixes the time in the nuclear missile. He tells the commander that the clock has started ticking for the nuclear attack and with the blast Sandhya’s mission, Mahabali will end too.

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