Sasural Simar Ka 2nd October 2015 Friday Episode | Colors TV: Indra hunts down Sid and Amar?

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd October 2015: The new episode of SSK is all about Sid and Amar going on a mission to retrieve some clues on Indra. Simar is the Captain and Sid, Amar are the players and Indra is the catcher. So did Indra catch Sid and Amar spying in the house for clues or Did Simar succeed in retrieving the clues, take a look. We have neatly updated the whole episode in the written format in a simple way so that you guys get through it thoroughly and stay onboard with the show.

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The episode begins with Indra asking Simar about Sid and Amar. Simar says that Sid and Amar went to consult a doctor as Sid was in a pot, he felt like he need to get some medical attention. [In Simar’s mind] she is looking for a chance to call Sid or Amar to check whether they have reached the destination or not and finally finds a way and says to Jahnavi that she is going to call the doctor and leaves. Simar then talks to Sid and confirms that they have reached the house.

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Sasural Simar Ka 2nd October 2015

Later on, Simar asks Sid and Amar, did they find any suspicious things or many clues in the house. They say that they haven’t anything and yet and hangs up saying that hey will let her know if they Sid anything suspicious. Indra suddenly appears in front of Simar and asks what is this device She says that it is a mobile and we use it to talk to others. Indra gets fascinated about the device and keeps on asking a bucket full doubts regarding the device.

While Indra is having a questionnaire with Simar, Sid and Amar find something amusing and intriguing in the house. They find blood all over the wall. [break]

Indra asks why aren’t you talking here and why aren’t you going there. Simar says that network is very good here and there aren’t any good signals over there. Indra asks about signals and network. Simar says that two persons can only talk if they have good signals and a better network.

Sasural Simar Ka 2nd October 2015

Amar sees Sid in a shocked state and asks what has happened? Then Sid reveals something very exciting. Sid shows Amar and old ancient photograph which has Simar is quite good and old attire. Amar too remembers Simar talking about her ancient self. Suddenly these two hear some sound, then comes Indra and says, Who is here? come out, I know that Sid and Amar are her. So before I go into my beast mode, I command you to come out.

Mata ji asks about Sid and Amar. They were hiding in the room. IIndra makes her appearance over there and says Sid and Amar to come out at the earliest. Then Simar calls Simar and he’s phone is now vibrating. The epidoe¬†ends at this high tension scene.

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