‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 100 Spoilers, Release Date and Promo: Caulifla Transforms Into Super Saiyan?

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dragon ball super episode 107 live streaming, watch dragon ball super episode 107 online

Dragon Ball Super Episode 100DBS ep100 contains a black corner. There’s a trailer for next segment. Kale got to wake up! But why? The disorderly situation just came up in the Tournament of Power. At the same time, there arose an exclusion. Kuririn got excluded.

Now, the Universe 7 is left with few members. One member got blocked in the running. This decreased the number of people. And now, it comes up with nine members only. Tough situation. But the fight is to be done. Caulifla Protegee transforms. The later in the sense the change in the body. The episode made some alteration (transformation) in Kale too.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 Spoilers & Predictions

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Super Saiyan manner has got hold of Caulifla. And that too with some exposure to blue. This made her leave in dazzle. She sounds to have more interest in it and talks to Goku regarding the usage process about it. But wait! Is there any surety that Goku would help her? She’s the opponent for Goku. There is doubt about will he tell her or not.

Well, there’s surety about that Kale and Caulifla are showing their excitement for having the knowledge about Super Saiyan Blue process. But there come two questions in our mind. Will Goku tell them or not? As Caulifla acts as her opponent. And on the other hand, Kale started showing hate towards Goku. But if somehow she learns the technique. She could just try it opposed to Goku. Yes, this could happen as this is the fight to win.

It is being predicted that Cauliffa will transform into an Ultra Super Saiyan form. Vegeta’s fight against Cabba is being expected. It is also possible that she may not be able to achieve the Super Saiyan Blue, but may transform directly into Super Saiyan 2 or 3.


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DBS EP 100 Synopsis

We here are presenting you a brief summary of the 100 episode. It can be figured out that Kale transforms. He’s not standing by the team. Plus, getting a little opponent towards Caulifla. When she storms over Kale, he just avoided it.

Still, there’s positive within them as Jiren showed his anger towards kale. With no doubts in mind, Jiren beat kale. Now, the opposition party needs to buckle up after seeing Jiren’s power. This thought just came up in the mind of Goku too. He’s started lacking behind for the fight towards Jiren.

DBS Episode 100 Promo


Dragon Ball Super Episode 100 Release Date

Talking about the release date, I’d like to mention that it would be out by July 23 on Sunday. The director is Kazuya Karasawa. The script lies within King Ryu. It is titled ‘Rampage! The Berserker Awakens!!’

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