Fairy Tail Chapter 530 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo: Anna Heartfilia Will Defeat Acnologia?

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Fairy Tail Chapter 530 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo: After the release of FairyTail 529, fans now have their eyes on chapter 530. In previous chapter, fans witnessed the return of Anna Heartfilia. She mentored Wendy for 400 years. Anna was trying to help Wendy to become her spirit force all these years. Now, it is expected that she’ll help Dragon Slayer to win against Acnologia.

In the previous chapter, Anna found a huge force which can help in defeating Acnologia. They call the huge force “Time Lapse”. According to her, by using TimeLapse, she can lock the self-announced Dragon King. However, the use of it can affect DragonSlayer in a bad way and it will also waste their training which they have done for years.

Fairy Tail Chapter 530 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo

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Anna also revealed why Wendy and her team of wizards been sent to future. She said, their magic will be strongest in current time.  However, the magic is still not strong enough to use against Acnologia. So, they’ll opt for time lapse to win against the Black Dragon and just to make you remember TimeLapse is just a weapon against the Black Dragon to defeat him. Anna and Dragon Slayer may use some other weapon/techniques too.

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But fans will see the time lapse for sure in next chapter. On the other side, in the battle between Nutsu and Zeref, if sources were to be believed. Zeref will go against Natsu resulting in dragon slayer to face some difficult situations. But rumors said Mavis will find a way to defeat Zeref soon by using one of his book against him.

You’ll see all these things in fairy tail 530 on April 12, 2017.

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