Fitoor 2nd Day (2 Days) Collections: Saturday Box Office report

Fitoor Box Office Collections
Fitoor Box Office Collections
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Fitoor 2nd Box Office Collections: Aditya Roy Kapoor made his debut sometime ago but he got good recognition with Aashiqui 2. The movie emerged as the biggest hit in his career. Mohit Suri directed the film and Shraddha Kapoor played the female lead. 

The movie has been made on a budget of Rs 7 crores and the movie minted Rs 100 crores at the box-office. Aditya Roy Kapoor failed to repeat his success with his later films though he has been quite selective with his movies. He has been in touch with many top filmmakers.

Fitoor 2nd day box office collections

Katrina Kaif is one of the most sensuous actresses in Bollywood and her stunning screen presence along with her sizzling performance made her one of the leading actress in Indian cinema. She has been quite selective with her movies and she has been doing 1-2 films when her fellow actresses have been wrapping films in quick succession. After Bang Bang and Dhoom 3, Katrina has taken enough gap and signed Fitoor.

Fitoor First day collections :3.6 Crores

Second Day collections: 4.5 crores

Fitoor Total collections: 8.1 crores

Talented director Abhishek Kapoor is quite slow in wrapping up movies. After he scored massive hit with Rock On, he has taken huge gap after which he came up with Kai Po Che which ended as a blockbuster like Rock On. He then took his time to script his next film titled Fitoor.

 He has taken huge time to wrap up the script which has been inspired by Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations. The movie impressed Aditya Roy Kapoor and Katrina Kaif after which they decided to be a part of it.

Fitoor took enough time to shoot and the movie has been shot exclusively in Kashmir. The film faced problems during the shoot and Rekha walked out of the project after the makers have shot some important sequences. It is then Tabu entered into the scene to play Begum, a crucial role in the film. 

The movie’s shoot has been stalled many times due to extreme weather conditions. Abhishek Kapoor has not been happy with some romantic episodes and he wanted them to be shot again for which Katrina opposed saying that she is not ready.

Fitoor completed all the formalities and released all over on February 12th during the Valentine ’s Day weekend. Despite excessive promotions from Aditya Roy Kapoor and Katrina Kaif, the movie opened dull all over. Fitoor got 40% occupancy and the movie received a mixed response from the audience. 

Fitoor collected Rs 3.61 crores at the domestic box-office. The movie made Rs 4.8 crores on Saturday and the total for 2 days across the domestic circles is Rs 8.41 crores. Siddarth Roy Kapoor produced the movie on UTV Motion Pictures banner.

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  1. As a Bollywood fan and avid movie-watcher, I am really shocked at the audacious cruelty of these reviews I’ve been reading! I am critical of Oscar-winning films, but I have never read such vitriol about a movie in my entire life!

    I thought Ms. Kaif did better than expected, and frankly, was the epitome of Estella’s countenance. I hated Great Expectations when I read it in high school, and I am no Charles Dickens fan. Horribly boring and repetitive author only lauded because he wasn’t an aristocrat in a very class-orientated time.

    Tabu was appropriate for the film. Please, remember this is ART. Do you know what perspective is? Please take an intro to art course at a university near you before commenting on the non-traditional story arc.

    Abhishek Kapoor’s film makes me WANT to re-read one of the worst books I have ever read! C’mon people: Don’t be so shameless in your hatred.

    Aditya Roy Kapur gives a GREAT rendition of Pip and again, makes me reconsider my position on hating Dickens. Much better than anything the pretty boys of Hollywood like Brad Pitt, George Clooney in his heydays, or Bradley Cooper could manage, this much I guarantee you. Please don’t take these reviews to heart: you are gifted. Try some foreign ventures: Bollywood doesn’t deserve you.

    Honestly, the only person who could probably do a better job than Mr. Kapur would be Daniel Day Lewis and people THAT is saying something. Please stop bashing your own countrymen and lauding a colonialist self-righteous prat who would probably laugh at you and tell you to go read some Rudyard Kipling.

    • the people that are doing the reviews should step in the shoes of the actors and see if they can do a better job, they are such back stabbers and hate mongers. When they were interviewing the actors during their promotions they were all milk and honey towards them and at the same time they were plotting to tear them down. You guys never really accepted Katrina, you still treat her as an outsider. She has never said anything bad about anyone during her interviews or anything bad about your country. You reviewers and other HATEFUL people out there are just plain JEALOUS! of her. I don’t know why you people hate her so much. What did she ever do to you guys? She’s such a sweet girl, I admire how she achieved so much success in a country so unfamiliar with the language. I can’t even imagine myself doing what she did. Hats off to you Katrina Kaif, you’re my inspiration. Continue to be strong and don’t let these STUPID HATERS! bring you down. I love your movie FITOOR, I’m planning to see it again, you are a wonderful and talented actress and I am looking forward for your next movie BAAR BAAR DEKHO. Keep making movies and stay as beautiful as ever.

  2. Thank you for standing up for them , you’re right Bollywood doesn’t deserve them, they’re just hating them for their success and wants to tear them down. These actors did a superb and fantastic job and I can’t wait to see the movie again. I’m a big fan of Katrina Kaif, she’s beautiful, talented and a great, great dancer.

  3. Of course she’s beautiful, talented and a great dancer…but Bollywood ka ek hi dastoor hai: ‘Jo box office pe jita, wohi hai sikandar!’ Period.

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