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Fitoor Review and Rating: Fitoor is overall a well drafted but not well-narrated movie. Story missed the storyline many times and its not that simple to collect all pieces easily.

Fitoor Storyline:

Noor (Aditya Roy Kapoor) is a painter and carpenter by profession connects well with Firdaus (Katrina Kaif) right from his childhood days. After she likes his torn shoes, Noor tries to look decent before her and slowly they like each other’s company. Things change once they grow up elder and Firdaus who is stuck between the hands of Begum (Tabu) tries hard to win her love. But Begum who has a painful past because of love rejects her love and tries marrying Firdaus to a politician from Pakistan. The rest of the movie is what Noor and Firdaus do to win their love. Watch Fitoor to know about the movie.

Fitoor Review:

The first half of the movie has a poetic touch and many classical episodes. The love story has been built up well and the lead actors elevated the film well with their stupendous performances. The movie has been very slow in pace which tests the patience of the audience but still the first half of Fitoor has been decent with not many flaws. Some of the episodes have been completely predictable for those who use their brains.

The second half of Fitoor has been the game changer. The audience expects something big after framing up a beautiful love story. The overdose of emotional content kills the film completely and the major plot of the film gets completely deviated which leaves the audience surprised. There is zero entertainment in the film and the audience are left clueless about the movie. The climax has been dull and the second half of Fitoor disappoints badly.

Casts in Fitoor:

Aditya Roy Kapoor should be given a bow for his stupendous screen presence throughout the film. He has been confident and energetic throughout the movie. Katrina Kaif has been stunning with her looks and the audience will be left amazed with her presence and performance. Tabu has been the show stealer and she impressed everyone with her terrifying and unpredictable look. All the other actors have given out their best for the movie.

The story of Fitoor has been inspired from Charles Dicken’s Great Expectations. It has been transformed completely to suit the nativity of Bollywood and the director failed to script the film with interest. Too much drama fails to impress the audience. The music has been soothing and extremely melodious. The cinematography has been outstanding and is a masterpiece. The production values have been grand and the editing has been crisp. Abhishek Kapoor fails this time to entertain the audience and keep them engaging with Fitoor.


Aditya Roy Kapoor

Katrina Kaif




Boring Narration

Second Half


Fitoor Rating :

Fitoor is a movie that can be ignored for its poor narration skills though it has grand visuals and top performances.

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